Installing the Under Roof Simple and Effective

Installing the Under Roof: Simple and Effective

Installing the Under Roof: Simple and Effective  There are many ways to personalize a roof: roof finials, mantling, PVC or wooden under roofs, eaves or roof paint. There are many possibilities for those who want to embellish their home.   The under-roof to beautify and protect  It is possible to create a perfect harmony between the […]

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Roof Insulation

How is Roof Insulation Done?

Summary – Focus on roof insulation – Check the condition of the roof structure before insulating the roof – Case 1: insulate a single layer roof for unfinished attics – Case 2: Double-layer roof insulation for attic space The roof is the main heat loss area in a house. Its insulation is a priority if […]

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Which Roof Opening Is Right for You

The various elements that make up a roof are assembled successively to form a solid, resistant unit that also ensures air circulation: the framework, insulation elements, under-roof screen, ventilation and under-roof space, roofing, water drainage and roof openings. These are of several types and differ according to the shape of the roof. Roof openings: Lighting […]

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