Roof Repair

Roof Repair: Warning Signs of Waterproofing Problems

Roof Repair: Warning Signs of Waterproofing Problems   The repair concerns the 3 types of roofs: sloping, terrace and rounded. In some cases, the roof no longer has all its integrity. The symptoms of this damage are then observable, and the roof repair becomes inevitable. Roof repair: warning signs Regarding moisture, certain signs should encourage […]

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Roofing: Much More Than a Charming Accessory

Today, many homeowners make the mistake of considering roofing solely for its aesthetic value. This leads them to make poor choices and fail in constructing and renovating their roofs. It is important to understand that this component of a home plays more than just an aesthetic role in order to make reasonable choices. General information on […]

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Waterproofing a Steel Roof (1)

How Waterproofing a Steel Roof Is Done

How Waterproofing a Steel Roof Is Done Contents     – Steel roofing     – Re-sealing steel roofs in good condition     – Re-waterproofing of steel roofs in lousy condition     – Price of a waterproofing renovation of a steel roof Waterproofing a steel roof can be done in several ways depending on the roof’s condition, […]

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Which Roof Opening Is Right for You

The various elements that make up a roof are assembled successively to form a solid, resistant unit that also ensures air circulation: the framework, insulation elements, under-roof screen, ventilation and under-roof space, roofing, water drainage and roof openings. These are of several types and differ according to the shape of the roof. Roof openings: Lighting […]

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