Install Bathroom Wall Tiles

7 Steps to Install Bathroom Wall Tiles

7 Steps to Install Bathroom Wall Tiles Summary     – Step 1: Prepare the Substrate     – Step 2: Apply Primer     – Step 3: Install the cleats before proceeding with the bathroom tile installation     – Step 4: Glue and install the first tiles     – Step 5: Install the next rows of bathroom […]

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Solid Wood Floor

Laying a Solid Wood Floor

Laying a Solid Wood Floor Contents – Case 1: laying a solid parquet floor on a floating floor – Case 2: laying a solid parquet floor on joists – Sand your solid parquet and install the skirting boards – Apply a finish to your solid parquet You can lay solid parquet in a floating installation […]

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Adhesive PVC Planks

4 Steps to Install Adhesive PVC Planks

Summary – Step 1: Prepare for the installation of adhesive PVC planks – Step 2: Installing PVC planks – Step 3: Cut the planks to length – Step 4: Finish the boards Installing adhesive PVC planks is straightforward and gives you the illusion of wood decor at a meagre cost and easy maintenance. Before starting […]

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Types Of Flooring For Your House.

Are you renovating your house and unsure about which floor covering to use? Tile, waxed concrete, parquet, carpet – with this many types of flooring, it’s not always easy to choose. You have to find the one that fits your budget, that is easy to maintain, and that adapts to the whole family’s needs. Read […]

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Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

Choosing a new floor can be pretty difficult due to the infinite supply available nowadays. However, many people are choosing laminate flooring and if you wonder why, then read the following article! #1. Suitable For Every Room Compared to other types of flooring, laminate flooring is a versatile flooring system that can be used in […]

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