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As a new homeowner, buying everything for the home is somehow troublesome. Choosing the right shower is simpler than choosing most other bathroom fixtures and fitting. There are are so many to consider before making the right choice, you will have to think about the aesthetics, the plumbing system you have, and whether you want a walk-in or over-bath shower. All these have to come first. Questions about water pressure and boiler types can add to the confusion! Well, if you are as confused as I am, then here are some types of bathroom showers that exist.

Here are the different types of showers, each provides a unique shower experience.

1. Concealed showers – The most aesthetically pleasing types of showers, concealed showers are a great choice when looking for something different for your bathroom design. As the name suggests, concealed showers are not immediately visible and is apt for the minimal design theme. Concealed showers are also great in space saving designs and allow you to make the optimum use of the shower- area. This type of shower is mounted from the ceiling giving it the ability to provide great flow coverage. Most concealed showers have four variation of flows: rain, waterfall, revolve, and mist. Thus giving you a lot of choices on how you want the water to flow on your body. If you want to, you can go a little further when it comes to design and opt to install concealed showers with built-in LED lighting to enhance the relaxing mood the water flow provides. You can also set the LED lights to change colors at set time intervals.

2. Exposed rain showers – Are one of those people who find the rain to be truly relaxing to look at and to feel. Having a rain shower is the best way to experience the soothing feeling of standing in the rain minus the hassle of clothes and personal items getting wet. There are different variations of rain showers, for example the Air effect rain shower, this type of shower combines air and water to produce the most natural emulation of rain. Opt for a wider shower head that will give a more realistic rain experience. Well, no matter what choice you make, rain showers will give you a refreshing shower experience.

3. Body showers – Have you ever wondered how it feels to go through a car wash without a car? Well, body showers are just like that. You can walk into the shower and have water sprayed on your body from different directions. The body showers are designed to spray water onto your body to help you relax your mind, body, and spirit. Body shower has different variations of water flow which are normal, massage, and mist. The most interesting setting is the massage water flow. If you add this shower to your home, then you will have own personal hydrotherapy room with the various body jets.

4. Waterfall showers – One of the most unorthodox types of showers, waterfall showers emulate waterfalls. Installing this type of shower is one amazing experience, it is similar to go under a waterfall shower and feeling the heavy rush of water can become a fascinating experience. In a waterfall shower, you can feel all the stress and exhaustion get washed away by waves upon waves of the streaming water.

When looking for a place to buy your shower head and other bathroom fixture, you need to make sure that you choose a reputable showroom that carries a wide variety of products.

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