How To Repair A Leaking Roof?

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A leaking roof damages the entire structure of a house and can also impact the health of the occupants of the property when not quickly corrected. The ceiling, plaster, wall, paint, and foundation can all be affected. Don’t let a leak go undetected if you catch it early. Tips for fixing a leaking roof are discussed in this file.

Detecting a leaky roof


In the event of a roof leak, if it is raining in the house, the first step is to perform a diagnostic to identify where the problem is coming from. The water leak may be due to a recurring problem (severe storms, storms, bad weather) that causes water infiltration in the roof. But it can also be due to the aging of the roofing or certain elements of the roof (leaking skylight, carpentry in poor condition, broken or cracked tile, gutter …). The first step is to have the leak diagnosed by a qualified roofing and carpentry professional.

The diagnosis is free since it is the duty of the carpenter-roofer to make an inventory. He will also provide a free estimate to estimate the cost of the roof repairs. You can immediately request your estimate online to find a qualified craftsman near you. If necessary, the roofer will be able to carry out an emergency intervention to avoid water damage or the degradation of your attic.

Tips for repairing a leaking roof

Roof repair depends on the leak’s origin and the damage’s extent. If it is a simple crack in the tiles, a damaged roof window, or the level of the joints, it is necessary to detect the origin before proceeding with the repair. If you are a do-it-yourself fanatic, you can repair it yourself.

However, a roofer must intervene to better see the problem and solve it if it is major damage.

Repairing cracked tiles

If your frame is made of wood or other material and the tiles are damaged, remove them with a chisel and replace them. But if they are porous, use a waterproofing product to reinforce them. Be careful to embed it properly during installation to have a perfect seal.

Change the joints

Infiltration is also possible at the joints. Therefore, inspecting the chimneys, the drainpipes, or the roof window is necessary. Before proceeding with the repair, make sure to choose the same type of element as the damaged ones.

Then, clean the affected part properly before repairing it or replace it altogether with a gasket gun for a successful seal. If the failure persists in the roof window, consider replacing it. 

Replace the flashings

When the leak comes from the flashing of the chimney, fix it with roofing tar or silicone. These products are effective in restoring water tightness. In case of big damage, change it.

Adopt a waterproofing solution


The waterproofing solution is a perfect way to avoid roof leaks. The film-forming water repellent forms a hard, drying coating on your roof to protect it from water and air infiltration. This waterproofing is possible because of the waterproofing film. Whether you have a flat or sloped roof, you can install it.

The second type of waterproofing solution is the pearl effect waterproofing, which is water-based and infiltrates the materials to be protected; joints, tiles, gutters, and others. Afterward, the water evaporates, and the pigments remain. Although it is an environmentally friendly water repellent, it does not allow the roof to breathe. That’s why the film-forming one is recommended.

You can be insured if this damage is part of your insurance coverage. But to benefit from it, this repair must be done by a professional such as a carpenter service.

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