Mansard Roof

What’s the Purpose of Roof Layout

What’s the Purpose of Roof Layout Roofing layout is an analysis and drawing tool that allows you to accurately determine the components, materials and number of modules needed to build a roof, a wall or a floor covering. It is also used in the field of decoration and design for the creation of patterns. The […]

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Roof Flashings

Roof Care | Installing Roof Flashing

Contents – Role and composition of roof flashing – Installing a roof flashing – Purchase of roof flashings Roof flashing is used to ensure water tightness at the connection between the roof and the various elements that protrude from it (acroterion wall, chimney, etc.). The term refers to both the entire device and the object […]

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Ways to Protect and Insulate Your Roof

A roof is composed of a superimposition of elements that form a watertight and resistant whole: under-roof screen, insulation, roofing, rainwater drainage system. This post tells you everything you need to know for a perfectly watertight and well-insulated roof. The roof is the first protection of the house. It allows water to drain away, preventing […]

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