Type of Roofing

What Type of Roofing Should I Choose

What Type of Roofing Should I Choose   The roof covering is the work that finishes the top of a building. It covers the building, and its purpose is to protect it from bad weather. Depending on your tastes and your construction, you can choose between many different roof coverings. In any case, it must […]

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Insulate a Flat Roof

5 Steps to Insulate a Flat Roof

5 Steps to Insulate a Flat Roof Summary     – Focus on insulating a flat roof     – Step 1: Prepare the flat roof     – Step 2: Install the vapour barrier on the flat roof     – Step 3: Install the insulation boards on the flat roof     – Step 4: Waterproof the flat […]

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Waterproofing a Steel Roof (1)

How Waterproofing a Steel Roof Is Done

How Waterproofing a Steel Roof Is Done Contents     – Steel roofing     – Re-sealing steel roofs in good condition     – Re-waterproofing of steel roofs in lousy condition     – Price of a waterproofing renovation of a steel roof Waterproofing a steel roof can be done in several ways depending on the roof’s condition, […]

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How to Install Your Eavestrough

Summary     – Gutter installation: making the layout     – Gutter installation: different types of implementation     – Installing a gutter: assembly or floor and cutting Eavestrough installation is the last step in the installation of a gutter. When referring to the channel of the trough that runs along your roof, you can refer to […]

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Roof Flashings

Roof Care | Installing Roof Flashing

Contents – Role and composition of roof flashing – Installing a roof flashing – Purchase of roof flashings Roof flashing is used to ensure water tightness at the connection between the roof and the various elements that protrude from it (acroterion wall, chimney, etc.). The term refers to both the entire device and the object […]

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