Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring


Choosing a new floor can be pretty difficult due to the infinite supply available nowadays. However, many people are choosing laminate flooring and if you wonder why, then read the following article!

#1. Suitable For Every Room

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Compared to other types of flooring, laminate flooring is a versatile flooring system that can be used in every room. I would say it is strong enough to work even in heavy traffic areas in your home.

  • For example, even when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, there are waterproof floors with extra protection.
  • It is also ideal for kids’ rooms as the anti-static surface and seamless click system can prevent dirt and dust from collecting between or on the planks.
  • Besides, with laminate, you can even cover a complete staircase.
  • Did you know that with the correct subfloor, one can place laminate on underfloor heating?

#2. Supreme Durability

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What is an essential characteristic that you tend to look for in a flooring system? Durability!

According to Jasmin Kraneveldt, “the joy of laminate floors is that they are made from high-density fiberboards, which is an incredibly durable material that will provide years of good looks and underfoot comfort.”

The laminated floors installed by Simon Carpets are exceptionally durable and hardwearing and can cope with scratches, scorch marks, the shock of heavy falling objects, sharp pet claws, heavy foot traffic and even stiletto heels.

One of the most significant threats to flooring systems is water damage. However, laminate can withstand water, but that doesn’t mean you should leave puddles standing for hours. So, despite its water-resistance quality, it is better to mop up the fluid as quickly as possible so as it doesn’t have time to penetrate the planks.

#3. Hygienic and Perfect For Allergy Sufferers

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If you or any of your house members have allergies, then I recommend laminate flooring as it is quick to clean and possesses a non-porous surface. Hence, compared to carpeting, it does not absorb dust or spills.

Moreover, its airtight locking system and plastic exterior create a sort of shield against moisture that wants to get inside.

#4. Pet-Friendly

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We have a nation of pet lovers and these pet lovers know that dogs and cats are essential parts of the family. But still, we don’t like it at all when they ruin a chic new floor. SO, then what do we do? Do we banish our furry friends to the backyard? Absolutely not, as there is a solution: laminate flooring!

Due to their 100 % hypoallergenic feature, laminate floors are the perfect choice for pet owners. With the non-porous top layer of the board, dust mites cannot come in and breed.

Another plus for pet owners is that the hygienic and waterproof characteristics of laminate floors make it possible to clean up pet fur and mess.

#5. A Variety Of Colours and Textures

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The wide variety of colours and texture options represents a big calling card for laminate floors and allows you to choose whichever style best fits your home. For example, wood laminate comes in colours from dark black shade to deep red shades and blond shades. Furthermore, the textures can extend from classic, smooth surfaces to natural, rustic surfaces and distressed surfaces.

#6. Easy to Maintain

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“If you have kids that tend to play around on the floor, then you’ll know the importance of not using cleaning products with harsh chemicals. That’s where laminate floors are really great.”

– Jasmin Kraneveldt

One of the best advantages of choosing laminate flooring over traditional types of flooring systems is that it is a low-maintenance product. There is no need for varnish, polish, wax or other special cleaning chemicals. All you need to do is to regularly clean with an anti-bacterial microfiber mop and if you want a deeper cleaning, you can vacuum the floor.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your home’s flooring and installing laminate floors, then make sure you choose Simon Carpets!






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