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How to Choose Your Home Flooring


How to Choose Your Home Flooring

Your home’s flooring is essential for style and comfort, including insulation. It is important to take the time to find your way around. There are many flooring options: materials, type of installation, finishes…

Parquet Flooring

Home Flooring

Parquet flooring seduces with its elegance and warmth. There are 4 possibilities for parquet floors:

    – Solid parquet: manufactured in an artisanal way, they are the most resistant but also the most expensive, even if the price varies according to the species of wood used. The installation requires necessary know-how, especially for the nailed installation – the most complex but durable, done on joists. Price: from about $35/m².

    – Engineered wood floors: manufactured in a factory, they are made of several layers of wood (solid for the facing, plywood and medium for the lower layers), which ensures good durability. The installation can be glued, nailed or floating, which is one of its advantages, in addition to its affordable price.

    – Glued mosaic parquet: composed of thin wood strips, they are offered in many species and allow for custom arrangements. This type of floor can only be glued, but the quality/price ratio is attractive. The longevity is reasonable, provided regular maintenance.

    – Laminate flooring: laminate flooring comprises several layers: a base of agglomerated support, decoration and a layer of protection and wear. The whole is impregnated with a thermosetting resin. Very easy to install thanks to a self-locking system or grooves, the laminate offers a good imitation of wood for a price four times cheaper than solid wood flooring. The only drawback is that it is less durable. Price: from about $4.50/m².

Carpet Covering

Home Flooring

Carpeting offers softness and comfort. When choosing a carpet, it is essential to adapt it to the different rooms and the amount of traffic and lifestyle.

There are 3 types of carpets:

    – Needled: Functional, needle-punched carpet is short and thin. The fibres are thermally bonded to a special backing, under which is another layer (usually felt). The main interest lies in the quality/price ratio: from 2$/m².

    – Tufted: this carpet uses the principle of the sewing machine: needles stitch through support the threads that form the velvet. Very common, they offer good comfort.

    – Woven: High-end carpet whose manufacturing technique is similar to carpets. The comfort is exceptional, and the price is much higher: from $10/m².

Which material? The qualities of wool in comfort and insulation no longer need to be demonstrated. But synthetic materials, especially used for tufted carpets, are perfect for high-traffic areas. Models combining different materials allow the cumulation of the qualities of each.

Tile Flooring

Home Flooring

For this elegant flooring, quality is essential to ensure durability. Depending on the rooms to be decorated, you can choose from three different tile styles:

    – Terracotta: traditional and warm, they have the advantage of embellishing with time by patinating. Disadvantage: they are not very resistant to humidity and scratches. Therefore, avoid using them in the bathroom and kitchen.

    – Marble: noble, elegant and effective in a classic or contemporary style; marble is water and shock resistant after treatment. They can therefore be installed in the kitchen and bathroom, in particular. Disadvantage: a high price of between 40 and 140 $/m².

    – Stoneware: very robust, stain resistant, acid resistant and with a noble appearance, it is well suited to high-traffic rooms. Porcelain stoneware also has the particularity of being able to imitate the look of natural stone, marble or wood. Prices vary depending on the finish, from $20 to $150/m².

Choosing the Best Flooring Material for Your Home

Home Flooring

The ideal flooring for your home can be challenging because of the variety available. But it’s easier than you think if you know what features you want and have a range in mind for your budget.

Additionally, removing your old floors yourself might save money on flooring jobs. Remember to check whether your subfloor needs to be changed and read more here:

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