Roofing: Much More Than a Charming Accessory

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Today, many homeowners make the mistake of considering roofing solely for its aesthetic value. This leads them to make poor choices and fail in constructing and renovating their roofs. It is important to understand that this component of a home plays more than just an aesthetic role in order to make reasonable choices.

General information on the roof


The roof generally represents the whole of the roof or the covering of the top of a building. This cover visible from the outside is maintained from the inside by a framework. This already implies that its properties must aim at the correspondence with the materials of the framework for an aesthetic result.

These properties require an excellent choice of materials for the composition of the roof. They also imply the call for a professional in roofing and carpentry. Thus, the result of the work will meet needs more than aesthetics.

Presentation of the roofs

There are several types of roofs. They are not categorized according to the aesthetic rendering they offer. Generally, they are intended to fulfill specific roles. Thus, you will find mainly two types of roofs.

Sloped roofs

Sloped roofs are known to facilitate the flow of rainwater. They have a slope that sometimes depends on the materials of the roof. These materials can be traditional, modern, and even vegetal. They are chosen by considering the satisfaction of certain needs, such as insulation.

Flat roofs


Flat roofs are generally installed without a framework. Therefore, they are easy to install. They even facilitate the installation of solar panels. However, these properties lie in strength, durability, and resistance.

The different roofing works

Roofing work is not just about putting on an exterior roof. It also includes important work inside a home. This work is not usually concerned with the aesthetic result from outside the house. The first type of roofing work is the installation of a new roof covering. This roofing must be more resistant than beautiful to withstand the aggressions of the outside. So you need to think about the strength of the materials rather than their beauty when you choose your materials.

Then there is the roof insulation work. These works are concerned with the comfort inside the house, although they can be done from the inside or the outside of the house. They are to be favored because they are often taken into account for a diagnosis. There is also the work of installation of the screen under roof. The objective of this work is to protect the structure of your roof. They include technical tasks that can help reduce energy consumption.

2 roles of the roof of a house

The roof of a house must meet two main roles. The technical aspects of the roof provide these roles. They, therefore, require the intervention of a craftsman who is knowledgeable in order to be insured.

Protection of the dwelling

The first role of the roof is to protect the home. It is generally the protection against natural weathering. Therefore, the roof must be made of resistant and solid materials. Thus, it can last over time.

Energy saving


Carrying out roofing work is an excellent opportunity to reduce energy consumption in a home. Indeed, the roof allows limiting the energy losses if the work is well done. Limiting energy losses implies the use of efficient materials in this field. There are new trendy materials on the market which are not charming accessories. The roof is not just a charming accessory. Its characteristics, its work, and its role are not only concerned with the aesthetic result.

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