Door Installation: What Type Of Hinge To Use?

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Need to fix a door? To do so, the hinge is an essential element because it allows you to fix the door to its support. However, several models are on the market, each with its utility. If you are not informed, you could make the wrong choice. So, what are the different types of hinges that exist? What type of hinge can you use when installing a door?

Don’t confuse hinge and hinge plate


Hinges are sometimes confused with hinges. Indeed, these two elements have the same function but are slightly different. The hinge is in one piece, while the hinge is removable, meaning that it can be separated into two parts. The specialists in sales and installation of carpentry c will draw your attention to this difference thanks to their experience and professionalism.

Every hinge is composed of three parts which are: the hinge, the leaf, and the hinge. They come in many shapes and materials, and each one is designed for a specific purpose.

The different types of hinges for the installation of a door

Here are the different types of hinges that can be useful for the installation of a door. The different types of hinges meet specific requirements. These requests are most often related to the constraints of the use and installation of the doors.

Invisible hinges

Invisible hinges are the ideal choice when you are looking for an aesthetic result. Indeed, they are hidden when the doors are closed. They come in two models depending on the installation techniques. There are the invisible surface-mounted hinges and the invisible concealed hinges.

Angled hinges

Angled hinges are often used for shutters. This is due to the fact that their use corresponds to remote openings.

Piano hinges

Piano hinges are used for the installation of small doors in fitted spaces. You have, for example, trunks and even motor homes. You will easily recognize them with their thin and long rectangular section.

Offset hinges

Offset hinges are perfect for having larger openings with the installation of your doors. They have an opening of up to 180°. They are also called offset hinges.

Friction Hinges


Want to keep your doors open? Consider friction hinges. They allow you to have control over the positioning of the doors.

Spring hinges

Do you prefer to keep the door permanently closed? Spring hinges allow you to keep the door closed. You can also find spring hinges that open.

American hinges

American hinges are perfect if you want something classic. However, their installation requires drilling or milling.

Universal hinges

Universal hinges are characterized as rustic hinges. They leave the knot visible when your door is closed. In addition, you will find it with antique furniture.

Double rebate hinges

Double rebate hinges are for lightweight brackets. Indeed, these hinges are fragile. The criterion of choice here is weight.

Knot hinges

Do you want a hinge that can be removed? Knot hinges are for you. They are made of two or three nodes and give you the possibility to remove the pin.

The materials used to make the different types of hinges


All of the above hinges can be made of several materials. Depending on the element to be installed, its size, purpose, or location, you can choose between aluminum, acetal, stainless steel, steel, technopolymer, and polypropylene. For the installation of the window door, the choice will be made among these materials for a good durable result.

The type of hinge required for the installation of a door, whether it is by its shape or its material of manufacture, depends on the constraints of installation and the utility of this door. All these different types of hinges meet a specific need.

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