What Are The Criteria For Choosing A Roof Window?

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We all know that most of the time we stay at home. It is therefore essential to bring in the maximum amount of natural light. The ideal way to do this is to do it from the house’s attic. Nevertheless, the choice of a roof window takes into account the slope of the roof and the volume of the attic concerned. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of our tips for choosing a roof window.

The ideal dimensions of a roof window


These depend on the following criteria. First, the ideal size depends on the type of room involved in the project. Secondly, they are subject to the size of the living area: 17% of the living area should be represented by glass surfaces. These should be proportional to the floor area, with a ceiling height of 180 cm.

Finally, the degree of roof slope, which emphasizes the long window, also plays a role. If in doubt, choose larger windows to have the maximum light in your home. You can also install medium-sized windows in different parts of the room to distribute the lights well.

Types of openings and their uses

There are two types of roof window openings.

Rotating roof window

This type of window has several advantages. Its opening can follow the conditions of your room, with a handle in the lower part and a maneuvering bar in the upper part. Its particularity is its low position on the wall to offer you a panoramic view.

The projection roof window

They can be installed on roof slopes between 15° and 55°.

The finishes of the roof windows


They have plastic or wood frames coated with polyurethane. Modern interior trends are inspired by Scandinavian fashion. There are three types of finishes:

    • The “whitefinish” finish is a white wood frame with subtle wood.
    • The “everfinish” finish is a wooden structure covered with a white polyurethane shell.
    • The “clearfinish” finish is a frame made of treated and varnished pine, which is very resistant.

The possible accessories to integrate into a roof window

For optimal comfort, here are some equipments that could be integrated into your window.

Interior blinds and shutters for roof windows

The blinds and shutters occupy not only the function of occultation but also ingenuity to satisfy the needs. Indeed, there are several possibilities for blinds that can be installed both inside and outside. There is the duo blind which is very practical and allows a more or less strong occultation. Then, the insulating blinds reinforce the thermal protection in winter while taking into account the occultation and the aestheticism.

The motorized window

The motorized roof windows offer comfort to the user. A pre-paired wall control is all that is needed to activate it and can be integrated with home automation solutions:

    • Automatic ventilation is based on levels measured by CO2, humidity, and temperature sensors.
    • Remote control
    • Automatic closing in case of rain, thanks to a rain sensor.

Some necessary advice for the installation of your roof window

Defining the best location for your window is necessary to avoid weakening the frame. Then, you must remove the tiles and cut the battens to the correct width to insert the fixing bracket. If necessary, put a pegboard on the roof structure to install the window frame.

Flat roof windows and skylights


Manufacturers offer alternatives to traditional models to allow you to create light inlets in all roof configurations. Fixed roof window, the flat roof window can have a curved, flat, or domed glass and can be motorized or not. A wide range of products is available, along with dedicated installation products (risers, collars, strips, etc.).

For attics that house living rooms, the contribution of light is crucial. In this case, VELUX skylights are the solution of choice to maximize light and provide a spectacular unobstructed view of the outdoors and unparalleled style. VELUX skylights are easily assembled in a variety of configurations (flat, angled, window-balcony, studio skylight) with the right fittings.

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