How to Fix a Pool Crack

How to Fix a Pool Crack

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How to Fix a Pool Crack


 A crack in a swimming pool can have disastrous consequences, so even if it seems minor, don’t wait and repair it quickly. The origin, detection, repair or renovation of this pool crack, this post gives you some explanations.

 What origins of a pool crack, and how to detect it?

 The origins of cracks in a swimming pool can be multiple:

 – The joints of a tiled pool that are crumbling and no longer ensure water tightness;

 – A poorly laid concrete surface screed;

 – Poor quality materials (concrete, tiles, etc.);

 – The liner that has torn;

 – Movement of the ground or the embankment

 A crack in the pool is not always visible to the naked eye, and it is a significant consumption of water or the reduction of the water line (outside the use of the pool) that indicates a crack is present. Once your water line stabilises, you can see where your pool crack is.

 Be careful because a visible crack may hide one or more others which may be more significant. For example, falling tiles can reveal cracks in the concrete structure.

 We advise you to call in a professional to remove leaks from your pool because although some can be easily repaired, others can get worse over time.

 Repairing a crack in your pool

How to Fix a Pool Crack

 If your pool leaks, it may be due to a crack in the liner. Use a leak detector to locate the crack. You can also call in a professional. It is possible to seal the liner crack with a specific product, depending on its size.

 You may have to change your pool liner if the crack is too large. If your liner has already been in use for almost 10 years, it is worth changing it anyway. In short, you will need to empty the pool, remove the old liner and clean the walls before installing your new liner. The water is put in the same way as the first time, taking care to remove any creases in the liner.

 Shell pools can easily be repaired with a repair kit if the crack is only in the gel coat.

 If you have a crack of less than 2 mm in your pool, it can be repaired with some minor work.

 A larger crack requires the intervention of a specialist who will suggest the best solution to remove it, sometimes requiring renovation.

 Renovating your pool

 Companies specialising in pool renovation can offer various options. Using resin is an excellent solution to renovate your pool lining and repair a crack.

 If the cracks are too large or too deep, the structure will be damaged, and the pool will have to be completely renovated.

 Renovating your pool has several advantages: improving the waterproofing, modernising the installations, etc. You can change the colour of the lining and the type of pool stairs, but also put in new coping stones (which are also prone to cracking). This can also be an opportunity to extend your pool or add a spa.

 Ask for an estimate for the renovation of your pool now, so you have an idea of the budget to be expected. The budget for renovating your pool can be substantial.

 Therefore to avoid this problem of cracks a few years later, it is wiser to call on your swimming pool specialist to repair a crack or renovate the pool.

 We also advise you to contact a professional before installing your pool so that you can anticipate the risk of cracks from the outset and depending on the specification of your land.


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