Why Is It Necessary To Install Gutters?

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When building a house, every element is essential, no matter how small, and gutters are no exception. It is true that most of the time, gutters cause you many inconveniences, yet they have their reasons for being, which are sometimes overlooked. They have a role in protecting your foundations and your roof. So, find out more about gutters in thisĀ article.

The roles of a gutter

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The gutter is an essential element of a house, even if its usefulness is sometimes underestimated. Its main role is to evacuate water from the roof or terrace in order to route it to the ground, a collection tank, or the municipal rainwater drainage network. Often, it is confused with the gutter, which is an integral part of masonry. The gutter is, in turn, an exterior element that is added to the dwelling, whether individual or collective.

Evacuate rainwater

Already stated above, the first use of a gutter is the evacuation of rainwater. This is essential to prevent your roof from being damaged. In fact, if, by misfortune, water manages to infiltrate your roof, it can considerably harm the durability and health of your home. In addition, when water stagnates on the roof, it can damage the tiles. As the roof is the most exposed to bad weather, it is important to protect it well. It will also allow you to avoid costly repairs.

Promote a healthy habitat

Installing gutters is an essential operation to ensure the good health of your roof. If there is no drainage system or if it is faulty, water could penetrate the attic, then little, in all parts. And the presence of humidity in your home could cause the appearance of molds and fungi, which are harmful to your health, especially to the respiratory tract. In addition, if your humidity level is higher than normal, this will accelerate the premature wear of the various elements of your home, such as joinery, coatings, etc.

Keep water away from foundations.

Keeping rainwater away from the foundations is also an important role, as these must always remain dry to avoid water infiltration, mold, and above all, cracks. Moreover, if the rainwater is not directed towards a drainage system, it risks accumulating at the level of the foundations. This will involve the penetration of water into micro-cracks which will cause your house problems with capillary rise. In this case, moisture can rise along the walls.

An ecological role

With the emergence of sustainable development, gutters have acquired a new utility, a new function that is as ecological as it is economically; they make it possible to evacuate rainwater to collectors. Therefore, instead of evacuating the water on the ground or in the garden, it is collected by recovery tanks which give the opportunity to use the water for something else. Thus, the gutters limit the penetration of water at the base of the foundations and its consequences, in particular, the loosening and the differential settlements.

Maintain the aesthetics of your home

As the gutter helps prevent rainwater from flowing throughout your home, it will prevent unsightly drip marks. In addition, thanks to the gutters, your joinery will not risk losing its splinters. Similarly, the gutters can be very aesthetic and contribute to the embellishment of your home. They are available in several models, in different materials, and in several colors, which gives you the possibility to choose according to your tastes and your style.

Gutters in poor condition

From time to time, the performance of your gutters may drop. This can be caused by the presence of vermin or insects that have lodged there, as they are attracted to humidity. To remedy this, you must carry out a regular inspection of your gutters, but also their cleaning. If you believe the damage is significant, do not hesitate to call a professional to maintain your gutters.

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