Steel Cladding

Why Choose Steel Cladding for Your Walls

Why Choose Steel Cladding for Your Walls   Steel cladding is a façade cladding made of thin ribbed steel plates. They are mechanically fastened to all supports, usually to a supporting structure (steel profiles, wood or glued laminated beams, concrete, etc.) in various lengths and widths. For a long time, they were only intended for […]

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The Best Reasons to Use Panelling

Contents  – All about ceiling panelling  – Panelling to decorate, insulate or partition Once the ceiling structure is in place, it can be covered with a ceiling covering. Depending on the condition of the ceiling and the choice made, the ceiling covering can be of several types:  – ceiling tiles,  – wooden or PVC ceiling […]

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Wall Cladding

Choosing Between PVC & Wood Cladding

Wall cladding exists in different materials, such as PVC and wood cladding, each with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first have a look at PVC cladding. PVC cladding: robust, light and waterproof PVC wainscot is often chosen for its qualities:     – resistant and rigid: thanks to its alveolar or cellular composition,     – resistant to […]

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