Ceiling Finish

How to Choose Your Ceiling Finish

Among the most aesthetic finishes of a ceiling, you can choose between a coating or a plaster. Which one do you prefer? Let’s see below before making your choice… Roughcast ceiling: give relief to your interior! Choosing a plaster for your ceiling is not common; smooth finish surfaces are often preferred. However, these products of […]

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Wall Rendering

Wall Rendering Simplified for You!

Summary  – Wall rendering: several types according to the support  – Composition of a wall rendering: 3 elements  – Wall rendering: in kit or to prepare yourself?  – Preparing the surface to apply the coating Wall rendering is a wall covering just like wall paint, wallpaper, fabric, cork, tiles, panelling, cladding or wall cladding.  The […]

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All You Need to Know About Facade Rendering

Contents – Definition of facade rendering – Facade plaster: preparation – Application of tyrolean plaster Render is applied as a finish to a smooth protective coating on a concrete, stone or brick facade. It is not applied to a wooden facade, as this type of facade does not require rendering. Definition of facade rendering Among […]

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