Things to Consider When Building a Catio

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Cats are great furry companions! So, it is normal that they need to have their own space where they can rest, play and live out their cat life. Building a catio is a great solution for that. However, there are some considerations to take prior to building a little paradise for your furry friend.

Door VS. Window VS. Wall Entrance

Each cat is different and they’ll each require a different catio. Does your cat wait by the door when you’re out? Does it like to go out through the window? You need to consider that when building a catio so that you can put an entrance that your cat will like.

Homebuddy VS. Party Animal

If your cat is the type to lounge on the couch all day long or stay close to your home, then you might want to build a window box, haven or sanctuary catio. On the other hand, if your cat likes to roam around town, the oasis catio is best suited for it.


The location of the catio is highly important. If your cat likes to bathe in the sun, then you may build one where there’s plenty of sun. However, if your cat tends to like cooler regions, installing a catio under the tree or covering the catio with shade cloth is a great idea.

These are but a few things to consider when building a catio. You also need to take into consideration the age of your cat, the toys you can include, the shelves, bed, and much more.

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