Common Pliers Used in Home Repairs

Home Repairs

There are various types of pliers that you can use to assist you in your home repair projects. Pliers have three main components – handlers, jaws, and a pivot that is used to grip, turn, or even cut by multiplying the force its user applies. The types of pliers are:

Slip-Joint Pliers

The jaws can open to multiple widths by moving or slipping the pivot into corresponding grooves. They are versatile and powerful while being very adjustable and easy to use by even beginners. They are proficient for small repairs around the house. However, a larger version of the slip-joint plier is commonly referred to as Channellock pliers, the name under which they were originally patented.

Clamping Pliers

More commonly used to grip, these pliers can clamp onto any item. Though they are not adjustable as slip-joint pliers, they are still essential for repairs. More commonly known by their first name, Vise-Grip, this plier allows the user to grip on any object.

Other Types of Pliers

Some other common pliers are:

  • Linemen’s pliers – insulated handlers make these safer for electrical applications.
  • Needle-nose pliers – they are perfect for picking up and gripping very small objects.
  • Diagonal pliers – they are designed to snip wire such as steel, iron, brass or copper.

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