The Ultimate Home Maintenance Guide

Home Repairs

For many homeowners, home maintenance happens only when something goes bad. Overflowing gutters, balky furnaces, chimneys that refuse to draw provoke an expensive emergency call to service technicians. If you want to limit or even eliminate service delays and cost, preserve your home’s value, and keep everyone comfortable, follow this home maintenance guide on a regular basis. 


Winter calls to be prepared for harsh weather conditions. Make sure to check your gutters and the lower roof for ice dams. You may even clean your basement, garage, and other interior rooms that get neglected during warm, sunny months. Keep an eye on your electrical service drop and the line that leads from your home to the power pole. You should also ensure the ground next to your home is graded away from the house to prevent interior flooding.


Spring is an opportunity to clean the mess winter left behind. Check the gutters and use a water hose to make sure they are clean. Check your roof, shingles, flashing, and vents for damage. Clean and replace window screens! You may also choose to install air conditioners to cool your interior spaces during these hot days.


Summer allows for comfortable maintenance and repairs around the house. Make repairs to the home’s siding and paint the exterior as needed. Clean and repair the outside deck as well as wash and apply sealant to wood fences. Remove any debris that have been accumulated in your window wells and flush out your water heater.


The fall season is focused on preparing your home for the harsh conditions of winter. Install strong windows and remove any air conditioners or winterize them. You may call in a furnace service and have them perform annual maintenance. Foam covers are extremely helpful in protecting your hose bids. Don’t forget to remove all window screens to protect them from any damage! Also, don’t forget to remove leaves and debris from garden ponds and water features.

Other Maintenance Tips

Some other maintenance tips include checking gauges on your fire extinguishers, making sure the garage door is functioning properly, and cleaning every electrical appliances carefully. Make sure the dryer vent is properly venting to the outside and test all the GFIG outlets to make sure they are working perfectly. For low-used areas such as guestroom and basements, flush the toilet, clean sediment rings from the bowl, and turn on both sink taps.

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