4 Steps to Installing a Wall Shelf

Home Repairs

Shelves are highly practical and can hold various items on the walls of your home, plus they add to the room’s décor. Shelves need to hold weight and it is thus crucial to install them perfectly. Follow the steps below to put up shelves correctly!


Before hanging any shelf, you need to plan where you want to hang it and the purpose of the shelf. A kitchen shelf is great for hanging utensils while a shelf near the door is practical for hanging outdoor clothes and umbrella. It’s recommended to find a stud when putting shelves as dry walls are not good support.


Once you’ve located the two studs, mark the location of where you want to hang the shelf with a pencil. You’ll need to ensure its at an accurate height as well. Hold up one of the brackets to the wall to guide you on the height.

Line and Drill

After lining the spaces and distance between the two studs, drill a 2-inch hole into the stud so that the brackets fit perfectly. Erase your pencil marks.

Final Result

Place your shelves onto the brackets and adjust to the level. Make sure to screw the shelves to the brackets using ½-inch wood screws.

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