PVC Windows

4 Steps to Install Your PVC Windows

4 Steps to Install Your PVC Windows  Summary  – Step 1: Prepare the frame and window  – Step 2: Mark your drilling marks  – Step 3: Attach the frame to the wall  – Step 4: Finish sealing your PVC window  The walls of your home are finally up, and it’s time to install your windows. […]

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Prepare a gypsum wall

Unusual Wall Covering Options

The most popular way of covering a wall is by painting it; flat, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss. There are various paints that you can choose from, but you can also choose options other than paint. There is nothing bad with the basic standard paint; however, a little switch will hurt no one. You may choose […]

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Roof Insulation

How is Roof Insulation Done?

Summary – Focus on roof insulation – Check the condition of the roof structure before insulating the roof – Case 1: insulate a single layer roof for unfinished attics – Case 2: Double-layer roof insulation for attic space The roof is the main heat loss area in a house. Its insulation is a priority if […]

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Gypsum Board Joints

5 Steps for Making Gypsum Board Joints

Contents – Focus on joint tape – Step 1: Coat the board joints flat – Step 2: Apply joint tape – Step 3: Coat screws and inside corners – Step 4: Install the reinforced strips on the protruding angles – Step 5: Finish the gypsum board Once your gypsum board wall is completed, it is […]

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How to Ensure a Timeless Design?

Having a classic home décor is one of the most popular trends this year. Vintage look added to the contemporary designs, home interiors are sure to acclaim a lot of praises by almost everyone. Well, there are times when home interiors can look different from what you have actually planned, so to help you out […]

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Selecting a Home Repair Contractor

While a DIY project sounds fun and cost-effective, sometimes you require the expertise of a professional to repair, maintain, or install stuff around the house. Once you’ve decided to hire a contractor, you’ll find yourself in a swarm of companies, all flaunting their credentials and experience. Below are some tips that can help in choosing […]

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