10 Reasons to Install a Hammam at Home

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Hammam is synonymous with relaxation and beauty salon. What if the benefits of the hammam were to be enjoyed directly at home? No need to take the car or pay entrance fees; we all dream about it! This home services blog gives you 10 reasons to install a hammam at home.

1. To Be Able to Enjoy It at Any Time

If you have a hammam at home, you can enjoy it any day and at any time. You are no longer dependent on the schedules of public establishments or beauty salons.

2. Saving Money

Even if installing a hammam at home represents a cost and a financial investment, you will quickly amortize the amount of the bill by saving on car trips and the price of the hammam sessions.

3. Create a Friendly Atmosphere

With family or even when you are entertaining friends, there is nothing better than a small hammam session to relax the atmosphere and create a friendly atmosphere. Your friends will be delighted to bring their bathing suits to visit you!

4. Get a Better Sleep

If you are prone to insomnia, nothing beats a good hammam session to relax just before going to bed!

5. To Have a Beautiful Skin

Thanks to the steam that opens pores, increases perspiration and detoxifies the body, your skin is more beautiful, more radiant, healthier and more hydrated.

6. To Clear the Airways

The hammam (and the steam it produces) is excellent for clearing the airways (sinuses and bronchial tubes). After a session, your cold will clear up faster. The hammam also has a beneficial effect on people suffering from asthma and allergies.

7. To Fight Against Aches and Pains

The heat of the hammam is particularly recommended after an intense sports session because it relaxes the muscles in depth. So say goodbye to aches and pains! The hammam is also effective in fighting rheumatism.

8. To Stimulate the Immune System

In a hammam, our body enters hyperthermia, i.e. the body temperature increases. Some harmful microorganisms in your body cannot tolerate high temperatures and die or are weakened. Your body is stronger, and your immune system is strengthened.

9. For a Detoxification of the Body

With a temperature of around 50° C, a hammam produces 100% humidity. Steam dilates the pores of the skin, increases the sweating process and thus helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

10. To Relax

A hammam session is perfect for relaxing at any time of the day. For 30 to 40 minutes, lying on your towel, time stops, you isolate yourself, you feel your body, you feel that you are doing yourself good, and you let your muscles relax.

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