10 Reasons to Install a Sauna at Home

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The sauna is a small room in which you take a dry heat bath. The temperature can vary from 70 °C to 100 °C, with a humidity level between 15 and 25%. Sauna practice is a social and family tradition from the Nordic countries, especially Finland. The country has more than two million saunas for 5.5 million inhabitants.

A Real Ritual

Having your own little rituals contributes to your daily happiness. And it is a real ritual that is established around using the sauna. We start by taking a shower, dry ourselves off and enter the sauna. You stay there for a few minutes until you sweat, then go out for a bath or a cold shower. Then, fifteen minutes of rest is recommended. The ritual is repeated twice and can end with a nap to relax optimally.

Revitalize Your Body

The body is subjected to a hot/cold alternation. In the sauna, the warm air accelerates the heart rate and blood pressure. The vessels are dilated, and the pores of the skin open. It is vasodilation. The fresh bathwater will then close the pores and blood vessels; it’s vasoconstriction. Through this action, the body is stimulated and revitalized, and the production of white blood cells is promoted. Your immune defences are strengthened and prepared for winter.

A Moment of Relaxation for the Mind

The sauna is an excellent anti-stress treatment. The body produces endorphins, known as “happiness hormones.” They have analgesic properties and provide a feeling of well-being. It is the ideal place to be alone with yourself and recharge your batteries. Everyone needs to be able to close their eyes for a few moments and put aside the daily worries.

A Moment of Conviviality

The sauna can also be a meeting place. You can spend time there with family and friends to strengthen ties. To change from bowling or cinema, everyone benefits from this activity that comes out of everyday life.

An Impression of Well-Being at the Exit

The sauna offers a feeling of lightness and cleanliness when you come out of it. Muscles and joints are relaxed, and accumulated toxins are removed. Sweating intensely in the sauna helps to cleanse the body – the skin is softer, firmer and more elastic.

Long-Term Benefits

Regular use has therapeutic virtues. The sauna helps to fight against insomnia and to repair sleep. It helps control blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. It can be beneficial for patients with asthma or chronic bronchitis. It relieves inflammatory rheumatism, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia… It can also act on certain dermatological conditions such as psoriasis.

A Supplement to Lose Weight

Using a sauna alone will not reduce your weight. One session will cause you to lose water, but not fat. Exercise and a healthy and balanced diet are the only two keys to slimming.

After an hour of sports, a sauna session will help you recover better and faster. You will not feel sore the next day and can return to sport fresh.

Saving Money

Having a sauna at home will save you from paying for sessions at an institute. It is, therefore, an excellent long-term investment. It can also increase the value of your home upon resale. The sauna can be purchased at different prices depending on the type (classic, combined, infrared, kit…) and size.

Tip: Do not rely solely on the price of the sauna itself, but also the power and consumption costs.

Can Be Used at Any Time

A home sauna can be used at any time of the day or year. In the evening when you are back home or during weekends. In summer and winter, the sauna can be used according to your mood. No need to schedule a session in advance at the institute.

It Can Be Installed Anywhere in the House

The sauna will find its place in your home, depending on its size. If you have a small apartment, a single cabin takes up little space. For comfort reasons, it is preferable to choose a location near your bathroom. For people with an outdoor area, it is possible to build a sauna in a wooden chalet.

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