9 Ways to Reduce Your Hydro Bill in Ontario

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Based on a study by the Fraser Institute, electricity prices rose 71 percent from 2008 to 2016, and prices jumped 15 percent between 2015 and 2016.

Therefore, two solutions are available to reduce this bill: you can either buy a new house, which is far from being within the reach of all households, or you can act directly in your home and track down the sources of savings that are more numerous than you think.

These tips apply to both single-family homes and condominiums, and will not only help you reduce your bills, but also enhance your assets.

Changing Equipment: A Profitable Investment

Changing the boiler directly presents some risks as it may be oversized if you wish to carry out insulation work afterwards. However, this is an investment to be considered in the second stage.

1. Heater:

If your boiler is getting old, replacing it with a condensing boiler can guarantee savings of around 25% for a budget of between $4,000 and $8,000 including installation. Wood-fired boilers or wood-burning stoves are also possible solutions.

2. Electric Radiators:

A switch to electric radiators will significantly improve your thermal comfort and result in savings of around 5% on your bill.

3. Think About Programming:

A heating control system or programming will allow you to reduce your bill by about 8 to 10%, by heating only when you need it. It is also possible to regulate the heated room via thermostatic valves on your radiators.

4. The Water Heater:


Domestic hot water accounts for about 10 to 15% of your energy costs. However, water expenditure becomes a priority once heating costs have been significantly reduced. The solar water heater can, for example, allow you to divide your hot water budget by two or three, depending on your location.

5. The Heat Pump:

It complements an existing system and can provide interesting gains, but these can only be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

– 6. Keeping Things Under Control Also Involves You

Equipment can’t do everything, and you need to set a few simple rules to reduce your bill. The savings you can expect are guaranteed, especially in condominiums.

– 7. Heat Less:

As you may know, 1°C less is 7% of the bill. Avoid heating at the same temperature all the time, and think about trying to limit the heating season. Also, think about your water heater: a temperature of 60°C, or even 55°C, will still help to overcome the micro bacteria in your shower, hence, no need to heat at too high temperatures. And, remember to turn off your water heater when you are away from home, even for a simple weekend.

– 8. Don’t Hesitate to Do This Little Work Before You Get Started:

Get in contact with professionals at Northumberland Gas & HVAC Mechanical in order to obtain a personalized estimate.

– 9. Don’t Forget About Insulation:

Insulation can prevent energy losses by insulating hot water and heating pipes. This operation is essential and entitles you to a tax credit.

Who Can Help You with Such an Investment?

Northumberland HVAC Mechanical is a family-owned business with at least a decade of experience installing, repairing and maintaining HVAC systems in Toronto and surrounding areas. They specialize in residential heating and cooling systems, hot water tanks and renewable sources of energy.

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