Easy Ways to Tackle the Great Spring Cleaning

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It’s a day both awaited and dreaded: the great spring cleaning! This great marathon of sorting, washing and storage is essential for your well-being in your home: furniture is relegated to the garden or garage and the whole family, armed with brooms and buckets, rolls up their sleeves.

Sorting Everyone’s Business

The great cleaning often resonates with a new beginning! So make room for a new decoration, empty and move the furniture. It’s also a great opportunity to empty the shelves!

Take advantage of it to:

– donate or resell clothing and furniture that you no longer want;

– discard worn or broken objects;

– organize and review your administrative files;

– sort waste.

Brush the Ceilings

Ceilings remain easy to clean… as long as they can be reached. Perched on a stepladder, you can easily remove dust, traces and crawling insects!

Start by dusting with a soft-bristled brush. Then, with a brush, soak the surface and rinse with clean water.

Cleaning Walls

Water and soap will remove black marks on the walls of the house. But be careful, not all walls accept this treatment.

Before soaping your walls, make sure that:

– the wallpaper is really washable;

– you removed all the dust.

Clean the Floor

As you have just removed all your furniture and knick-knacks, hitherto inaccessible corners of the house are revealed.

For parquet floors: polish before polishing with a glazier.

Linoleum floors: a simple mop is enough.

Carpets: clean them with a steam cleaner or extractor injector.

Tiles: washing with black soap will restore its shine.

Cleaning Carpets

When a carpet looks pale, it is high time to clean it. Depending on the type of carpet, cleaning varies.

The vacuum cleaner provides essential dust removal for all carpets. Shampoos with or without water deeply cleanse the fibres of the fabrics.
The earth of Sommières catches the encrusted dirt.

Caution: always test the cleaning on an invisible area of the carpets.

Polishing Furniture

Your furniture is cleaned and dusted with care. Depending on the type of wood, you will not use the same technique.

Rough Wood: scrape off the stains with sandpaper and wash the furniture with a little black soap diluted in hot water.

Waxed Wood: remove dust and wash with a little water. Fresh stains will leave with absorbent paper.

Painted Wood: clean the furniture with soapy water. Soda crystals can remove stains. On the other hand, do not use a lot of water.

Tips for Clean Windows:

No matter how much you rub, there are still traces left?

– Use only water.

– Use a sponge, chamois leather or steam cleaner. Make sure your equipment is always kept clean, otherwise change it.

– Choose the direction: from bottom to top or from left to right, but always in the same direction!

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen:

Empty the refrigerator and clean the grates with a mild detergent and the inside with baking soda. Maintaining the kitchen takes time and energy to do it right. To help you out, you can call Green Squirrel Cleaning. They provide professional cleaning services to homeowners and small businesses in Melbourne’s inner and western suburbs.

Cleaning Household Appliances:

– wash and descale coffee maker and kettle;

– clean the microwave with dishwashing liquid and start the oven’s self-cleaning system;

– to remove crumbs from the bottom of the toaster or clean gaps, use a compressed air can like the ones used for cleaning your keyboard and computer.

Take Care of Electronic Devices

An electronic device needs maintenance to stand the test of time. Be careful, however:

– do not use detergents;

– do not use water;

– use a soft cloth or electrostatic brush.

Do not disassemble your devices if you won’t know how to reassemble them afterwards!

Bridging the Bathroom

Give a second youth to your tired bathroom! With a little effort, this place will regain a refined and soothing appearance.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

Against tartar: a little salt mixed with white vinegar will do wonders.

Against black joints: spray steam from a cleaner at full power to remove dirt.

For oily stains: rub an onion on the stains.

Disinfect the Bin

Bad smells, stains, deposits, the garbage can quickly become a germs’ nest. To remedy this, you can use natural and inexpensive ingredients.

Mix soda crystals, coffee and liquid black soap. Rub the entire bin with a sponge soaked in the mixture.

Finally, disinfect with white vinegar and make it shine and smell good with essential oils.

Clear Ventilation and Heating

Often forgotten, the ventilation grid accumulates dust and crawling insects to our great displeasure.

To remedy this:

– a dusting from time to time;

– cleaning with soapy water once a month.

Before you start, are you sure you really want to dirty your hands in all that? Spring cleaning can be very tiring and time-consuming. So, better you call out for a professional to do all the regular spring cleaning for you. This way, you will be able to use your time and energy to do things that really pleases you.

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