Designing a Spa-Style Bathroom

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When you go to the spa, you don’t want to leave because the atmosphere is so Zen and soothing. It is possible to reproduce this atmosphere at home by following a few tricks. Find out how to design a spa-style bathroom.

Start by Installing a Spa

The first essential element for a spa-style bathroom is, of course, the spa. Choose it carefully, and take into account each element: the materials, the size, the options, you must consider this installation in its entirety and plan a spa that will suit you in every way and for a long time!

Focus on the Lighting in the Room

In a spa-style bathroom, lighting is crucial. Indeed, you must favour a Zen and relaxing atmosphere, which absolutely excludes ceiling lights whose light is too aggressive. Instead, opt for softer lighting, spotlights, discreet wall lights and, why not, candles that will bring a soft light and irresistible charm to the room.

Choose Soft and Warm Colours

To reproduce the ambience of a spa, you should also choose the colours of your bathroom so that you feel soothed with each visit. Forget the white that will cool the room down, and absolutely banish the flashy and glitzy colours. Ideally, turn to soft and warm colours, such as beige, taupe, chocolate. You can also decorate the room with objects with notes of green and blue for a natural and luminous look.

Opt for Natural Materials

If you want a spa-style bathroom, forget about plastic furniture and objects made of synthetic materials such as plastic, and turn to furniture and objects mainly made of wood, but also of stone, bamboo and linen. Remember that nothing beats noble and natural materials to reproduce the ambience of the best spas.

Install Green Plants

Always in this spirit of nature and appeasement, don’t forget to decorate the room with a few green plants that appreciate humidity and warmth. You will feel transported in nature, without forgetting that plants have qualities that allow them to reduce air pollution: a true haven of peace and nature in the middle of your home!

For Bathroom Linen: Comfort Above All Else

Finally, if you want to refine the spa ambience of your bathroom, you can renew your bathroom linens and opt for 100% cotton linens, which will be soft and fluffy and whose colours will match those of your bathroom. For an even more soothing effect, you can also put a drop of lavender essential oil on your bathroom linen.

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