How Do You Organise Office Cleaning?

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Office cleaning is part of the classic industrial cleaning services in the same way as commercial cleaning, hotel cleaning or building cleaning.

What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of?

Office cleaning has become much more than the traditional service of vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, or emptying rubbish bins. It is becoming more and more common to use cleaning companies because strict standards govern the health and hygiene of the staff working at a company.

Although the techniques remain relatively similar, by integrating technological developments, it is above all the procedures that have been codified for the implementation of real management of company cleaning.

The Stages of Office Cleaning

The cleaning teams are led by a manager who determines the schedule and methods to be used to clean the offices as efficiently as possible.

For each surface, the appropriate product must be used.

The cleaning equipment used for office cleaning is generally more basic than in large commercial premises or production sites. It is mainly manual work.

Office cleaning includes in particular:

  • Dusting furniture and radiators;
  • dusting computer equipment;
  • wiping handrails and tactile surfaces (e.g. lifts) with suitable wipes;
  • cleaning the washrooms, replacing towels and refilling paper;
  • complete floor cleaning and regular polishing.

If necessary, on the advice of the team leader, the client company can request a disinfection service.

Cleaning companies can also wax wooden furniture, treat leather armchairs, protect metal parts as well as customise protection coatings on laminates, plastics or laminate floors.

Choosing Your Office Cleaning Service Providers

The profile of the cleaning company selected for maintenance services will depend mainly on the size of the site:

For SMEs, the owner can hire a single cleaning agent (self-employed or employed by a company).

For larger companies, it will be more common to hire a more structured company which will organise its services in a very hierarchical manner.

There are many cleaning companies. To sort them out:

Write up specifications and define the hours of operation: during office hours, before or after office hours, or during the night (maintenance should never be done during public reception hours, as this may be perceived as a lack of respect by potential customers. It is also an additional risk, for example, when the floors are wet).

Ask for quotes from Clean & Green, and do not hesitate to ask for several quotes from the same service provider to choose a solution adapted to both your needs and your means. This way, you will not only select your service provider based on financial criteria.

Give priority to quality and remember to write down your comments below.

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