What About the Maintenance of a Movable Floor Pool?

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Nowadays, having a pool and a deck is no longer a problem, even if you only have a small space. The construction of swimming pools has made great strides in recent years. In addition to the terrace pool, which combines a swimming pool and a relaxation area, there is also the movable floor pool. The concept is the same for both models: the pool can be covered with a tray to serve as a terrace. It is their location that makes the difference. For the terrace pool, the platform remains in height.

On the other hand, the movable floor model is installed inside the pool. This system is complex to set up and must be installed when the pool is built. Like the classic model, the movable floor model also requires rigorous maintenance. Discover in this article more details on this subject.

What are the components of a mobile pool?

Although they save considerable space, movable floor pools are not for everyone. You should know that for the construction of a pool measuring between 10 m2 and 15 m2, the price can be around 30 000 euros. The installation of the movable floor platform is not possible on an existing pool either. The platform is made of steel tubes bolted together to create a mesh. And since this platform also serves as a terrace and a shelter for the pool, it must be covered with an aesthetic and resistant coating.

Therefore, choosing wood is an elegant and solid material is possible. In addition, it is comfortable to the touch and is ideally suited as an exterior covering. However, it is preferable to opt for exotic woods, which are robust. Moreover, since the tray is intended to be immersed in water, it is essential to maintain it regularly. Besides wood, stone or tile can also be used. Besides, tiles come in a wide range of colors and textures. However, choose a non-slip tile to avoid slips and accidents. Remember that the bottom of the pool can be raised to adjust the depth of the pool. If the pool is deeper or shallower, you can adjust it to turn it into a wading pool for children. The tray is supported by cables that are operated by a system. The device also includes adjustable feet to keep the platform when it is raised. It also has a secure control box with a key to prevent it from being activated accidentally.

How is the maintenance of a movable floor pool carried out?

Although the movable floor pool platform provides a safe and durable cover for the pool, it does not free you from regular maintenance and water treatment. The modular platform must generally contain a trap door allowing access to the water and the bottom of the pool. Indeed, the platform must measure within a few millimeters of the pool’s dimension. Moreover, it is lowered and raised in the vertical direction. This makes it impossible to reach the bottom of the pool. Hence the need for this access hatch. You must use a robot cleaner to clean the bottom of the pool. However, the presence of adjustable feet does not allow access to the pool’s walls. Therefore, it is preferable to call in a professional for optimal cleaning. In addition, it is essential to check the filtration system.

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