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– Gutter protection: the different attacks
– Frog Gutter: against dead leaves
– Characteristics of the frog gutter
– Stop gutter leaves
– Sheet stop materials and dimensions
– Maintenance: the best gutter protection

An eavestrough is subject to many aggressions over the seasons: rain, wind, snow, temperature variations, etc. It is therefore advisable to protect your eavestrough to prolong its life. There are various systems available for this purpose, for example:

– the gutter protector,
– the gutter toad,
– the gutter leaf stopper.

Gutter protection: the different aggressions

The gutter is subject to many attacks. The eavestrough is subject to climate-related stresses that will seriously impact its resistance over time: some materials (PVC, wood) may crack, split, etc.; others may deteriorate.

Good protection, therefore, requires the choice of a material made to meet these attacks:

– its resistance to frost, UV rays, and temperature variations,
– its resistance to load, the weight of water, snow.

Wind and rain carry leaves, plants, or other solid particles, which may clog your eavestrough, you can avoid this by installing:

– a toad,
– a gutter leaf stop system.

Gutter protection against impacts

The gutter is also exposed to shocks throughout its life:

– in the upper part of the gutter: the risk of damaging the profiles or hooks when working on the roof is high,
– in the lower part of the gutter: in some places, the downspouts are subject to shocks.
It is important to protect the gutter from these various shocks.

Frog Gutter: against dead leaves

With the fall, and depending on your proximity to trees, leaf accumulation in the gutter can take on significant proportions, as can :

the pine needles,
the big dead bugs,
a bird’s nest, etc.
To prevent them from obstructing downspouts, there is a very simple and inexpensive solution, the installation of a toad.

Characteristics of the frog gutter

The gutter toad also protects the water recovery system, if applicable.

A frog gutter is a spider-like object that is easily inserted at the gutter mouth to prevent plant deposits:

Its material is compatible with the gutter elements: PVC, galvanized steel, stainless steel or zinc,
doesn’t rust,
variable diameter: between 80 and 100 mm.
Its lifespan is almost unlimited…

Important: Regularly remember to free your toad from all that it has retained, because this pile of debris will eventually create a plug.

Stop gutter leaves

In the fall and winter, leaf accumulation can take on significant proportions, especially if your home is near trees.

Dead plants, branches, mosses, or large dead insects can be responsible for slowing down your rainwater drain or even clogging your eavestrough ducts.

The leaf stop for gutters is ideal if the roof is directly above deciduous trees.

Materials and dimensions of the leaf guard

The installation of the gutter leaf stop is very simple on any type of gutter.
The leaf stop is a perforated mesh that is placed along the entire length of the gutter inside the profiles: the air passage is optimal which facilitates the evacuation of leaves and debris once dry.

It is marketed in different forms:

– in rolls, with a width varying between 100 and 175 mm, with tabs that fold down onto the profile flange,
– in 1 meter grid, widths ranging from 100 to 175 mm, clip-on,
– made of a rigid tube with a diameter between 80 and 180 mm.
It fits on half-round gutters from 25 to 40 developed, but also on square or molded gutters.
Often made of zinc or lacquered aluminum, the sheet stop is also available in durable PVC.

Maintenance: the best gutter protection

To extend the life of your eavestrough, here’s what you can do every year:
– check the condition of the hooks:
◦ an eavestrough that collapses is an endangered eavestrough that can damage or tear other parts,
◦ the fastening of the hooks to the bracket and the profiles to the hooks must be checked,
– check the condition of the expansion joints :
◦ these joints accompany under all temperatures the dimensional variations of the material,
◦ keeping them in good condition allows your eavestrough to expand without worry and without damaging the entire structure,
◦ their aging must be monitored and replaced if necessary.

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