How to Ensure a Timeless Design?

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Having a classic home décor is one of the most popular trends this year. Vintage look added to the contemporary designs, home interiors are sure to acclaim a lot of praises by almost everyone. Well, there are times when home interiors can look different from what you have actually planned, so to help you out here are some tips to ensure timeless design.

  • Create a strong focal point – When dealing with interior designing, focal points are important as they lay the foundation. To create a timeless design, the focal point gives the eyes somewhere appealing to look at. It is necessary that the focal point occurs naturally while in the room. If the focal point is not seen easily, then there are some ways to create a great focal point, by putting up artwork, architectural structures or a media unit. It is important to have one focal point in a room as it can be confusing for the eye.
  • Create a design that has the power to stay – Always choose a timeless design that has the power to stay. Seek out designs, styles, and colors that are considered to be “classic”. These “classic” designs have been created to last whether it is in style, color or materials, they were just meant to last over years.

  • Create a home with a classic style – You may be tempted to create something contemporary but a classic stays a classic. If you really want to create a timeless design, then go for Greek architecture by utilizing strong columns, stripes, statues, busts, and architectural moldings. Play upon these details to give your home the ultimate timeless look. To decorate, use woods, stones, brick, and natural fibers such as cotton to enhance the look of your home.
  • Keep the flooring simple – Having a neutral flooring is a better choice as it is never going to clash with your furniture, window coverings or wall color. If you are considering to buy carpets, choose those with a subtle design that will look great with a neutral background. Hardwoods, ceramic, slate or stone are more likely to remain popular than man-made materials. Invest in quality products that can stand up to a decade of wear and tear. It is wise to consider oak floors as they look good, even 50 years later.

  • Choose neutral wall colors – Keeping up with the trends is expensive and time-consuming, so choosing a neutral color helps in providing the perfect backdrop for your furniture and artwork. Go for beige, white, light grays, and pastel colors as it will look good for years. Use shades that are no longer current as it will be simpler and cheaper to paint one room than the entire house.
  • Make sure your home does not look fad – Timeless does not mean that you are not up-to-date with the trends or you are avant-garde, fussy, ornate or opulent. Timeless means resisting to the trends and quietly understating that these designs are simple and sophisticated. Be sure that the style is highly functional. Your timeless design should be subtle, adaptable, and outlast every growing trend. The style and design should belong to its space and environment. Do not hesitate to pull items from the past, present or future to create a look that is totally timeless. It is important to remember that function is a vital essence of timeless design.

  • Conceal your technology – With advances in technology, it has become easy to hide television sets and stereos mainly because they are becoming smaller. It is easier to create a timeless look while being technologically up-to-date. If you don’t want to camouflage your tech, then consider placing them behind doors.
  • Choose cabinets – The above point brings us to cabinets. It is important that you choose a cabinet that will enhance the beauty of your house. Cabinets are too unique to make your design look bland. Go for wood cabinets as they remain timeless over the years.

  • Connect the rooms – Have rooms that are connected yet separated by a wall. This makes the home look more timeless. Be sure to add coherent flooring to connect the rooms.
  • Opt for natural materials – It is important to understand that timeless designs can also include natural materials, such as wood, stone, marble, and other natural materials will keep your home in vogue always. A timeless space has a longer life when compared to man-made counterparts.

  • Create a functional look – As mentioned above, timeless design is functional and sensible. To create such a look, it is important that each design is perfectly scaled and proportioned. Create this functional space where your furniture should fit in a room perfectly. Timeless design means that you will need to invest in solid antique pieces that give your space a sense of history that is expanded over the years

That’s how you create a timeless design for your home!

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