Choosing Between Concrete Pool and Fibreglass Pools

Swimming Pool

Everyone dreams of having a swimming pool that will embellish their backyard and be a place where they can be at peace after a tiresome day. Well, a swimming pool is one of the best investment that you do lifelong and fun and relaxation ahead of you! Although both pools have their benefits, this article will give reasons as to why so many people are now choosing to go with fiberglass over the traditional concrete pools.

Fibreglass pools

In ground fibreglass swimming pools offer great flexibility and are perfect if you have an unusually shaped or hard to access space for your pool, or if you have a complex design in mind. They can be assembled quickly and easily by professional installers and are a good choice if you want to incorporate a spa or water feature in your pool design. Fibreglass pools tens to be very easy to maintain, but they can be expensive to install and there are limitations on size and depth.

Concrete pools

Concrete pools offer great flexibility in terms of design and there are no restrictions on size or depth. The also allow you to incorporate a wide range of finishes, such as pebbles and tiles. They can be made to fit any shape and are a good choice when you want to create a more natural look that blends in with the landscape of your backyard. Concrete pools are long lasting and hard wearing, but they do require fairly regular maintenance to keep the finishes looking fresh and new. They are by no means the cheapest option available, and the installation process can take a while. However, if you do choose to invest your time and money in this type of pool, you can expect a high end product as a result.

Consider your budget

Fiberglass pools are factory built. There are size limitations with respect to these pools, as they have to be transported. They usually do not exceed 16 inches in width and 40 inches in height, with just a few exceptions. The prices for these pools are generally anywhere between twenty five to fifty thousand dollars. Added features and installation issues can either lessen or add to the cost of fiberglass pools.

Custom concrete pools are generally more expensive, but the advantage of this pool is that it can be given any shape or size that you prefer. You can also add features like seats and benches, grottos, rock waterfalls, and others, and the overall result that you get at the end of installing a custom concrete pool is much more customized and fulfilling for the owners.

There are other costs that affect the expense of the pool you choose. For a fiberglass pool, rise in fuel prices will affect the cost of fiberglass resin prices, and truck and crane operating costs. In case of custom concrete pools, labor contributes to the additional expense. Then again it can offset by the crane and freight costs associated with the fiberglass variety.

Consider the time frame for your project

If you want your pool to be ready and functioning in a short span of time, a fiberglass pool might be a better option for you. You need to start on a fiberglass pool project at least three months prior to your expected date of completion.

You need to keep ample amount of lead-time when opting for a custom concrete pool. This is because after you build the concrete shell, you have to wait for twenty-eight days to allow the concrete to dry up completely. This is very important to avoid the concrete from cracking and to ensure that you have a durable pool. You need to be quite patient when installing a concrete pool.

Deciding the kind of pool that will best suit your need can be quite a daunting task. It can be easier to decide when you have the basic details about installing a fiberglass or a custom concrete pool.

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  1. It was really impressive when you stated that fiberglass pools can be constructed in a short span of time. We’re trying to get our new vacation house property set up as quickly as possible so our extended family can spend the holidays there. To make this quicker, I’ll hire a fiberglass pool contractor for sure.

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