What Are the Pros and Cons of a Fibreglass Pool

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Nowadays, most people want to have a pool in their backyard. Indeed, having a place to help you cool off on hot summer days or unwind during warm evenings is what we all look for. Fibreglass pools are known for being one of the high-end pool options and have become a great alternative to concrete and other types of pools today. If you’re thinking of installing a fibreglass pool, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

Advantages of Fibreglass Pools

1) Easy Installation

Installation of fibreglass pools is increasing in almost all regions for several reasons, mainly due to its ease of installation. A fibreglass pool has some fascinating benefits concerning the speed of installation. For instance, it takes 48 hours, sometimes even less to install one. Very often, the installation of a fibreglass pool can be completed in a single day, depending on the depth of the in-ground pool.

2) Simple and Affordable Maintenance

Due to its non-abrasive surface, the fibreglass pool is much easier to clean and maintain. Dirt and impurities like algae do not easily adhere to this type of surface and therefore, less time is spent in brushing or using disinfectants to unclog the pool. This also means that less effort and money are spent on maintenance services.

3) Several Shapes and Designs

With the possibility of choosing various designs including flat, sloping, compound, etc. and different shapes like square, rectangle, round, beans or free, choosing a model of fibreglass glass pool that suits your personal preferences becomes less of a tedious task. You can also enhance it by adding stairs or submerged steps to make your vision come true.

4) Durable

Fibreglass is an incredibly durable building material, which means that quality fibreglass pools have the advantage of being both strong and flexible.

Disadvantages of Fibreglass Pools

1) Price

The cost of a fibreglass pool varies depending on the design you’re opting. Since fibreglass pools form part of the high-end options, they are a bit more expensive than other types of pools. Hence, the more features and enhancements added, the pricier it will be. For instance, a standard model of inground fibreglass pool will cost around the same price as one with a concrete bottom and prints. Either way, remember to choose quality first since low-quality material is what will cost you the most in the end.

2) Delivery

The delivery of a fibreglass pool can be a real headache. They are usually delivered by crane trucks. However, the disadvantage here is that not everyone will have the space needed to enable a crane truck to pass through a garden or any other exterior area.

3) The Osmosis Phenomenon

The primary role of gel coat in fibreglass pools is to make them aesthetically pleasing by maintaining the colour of water, shine and a sense of touch when swimming. If water seeps through the layer of gel coats (a process known as osmosis), this can create blisters within the pool and damage the sealing as well. Hence, the overall structure of the pool will gradually deteriorate.

4) Adds Value to Your Property

It is estimated that a fibreglass pool adds between 8 to 15% to the value of a property. Installing one will allow you to enhance your home and also attract potential buyers. Thus, it also acts as a unique selling point and increases your property’s worth.

With the arrival of the warm weather, everyone wants to have fun with family and friends by the swimming pool. If you already have one and looking for excellent fibreglass repair services in Sydney, the team at Leakinc can handle both above and underground pool repair services. Do not hesitate to get in touch with their experts!

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