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– Principle of a landscaped swimming pool

– Advantages and disadvantages of a landscaped pool

– Who should I talk to about building a landscaped pool?

The poolscape is something to be perfectly integrated into your environment. Regardless of its shape or size, it forms a whole with the house and garden.

It is a real project that should be entrusted to a confirmed professional. By definition, a poolscape or landscaped swimming pool is unique: it is a tailor-made creation! Here’s a brief overview.

Principle of a poolscape

Several elements allow a swimming pool to be perfectly integrated into its environment.

The circulation of water by overflow will be favored in place of that by skimmers. Indeed, this mode of circulation gives a much more natural note to the pool.

Shape of the pool

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It is often thought that a landscaped swimming pool must invariably have free-form shapes; this is partly untrue. This is partly false. The shape of the pool must be in perfect harmony with the design of the house and the layout of the land.

Is it possible to imagine a free-form swimming pool with a house with ultra-modern architecture? The shape of the pool will be dictated by the lines of the house, especially if it is close to the pool.

Landscaped pool: interior lining

All coatings can be used: glass-fibre reinforced polyester coating, tiles, stone, stainless steel, and more rarely liner.

The color of the liner determines the color of the water. A beige coating for example will give turquoise water.

Note: Be careful, some colors can have a disastrous effect once the pool is filled.

Treatment of the surroundings

The treatment of the surroundings requires particular attention when designing a landscaped pool: they constitute a kind of jewel case for the pool.

The material used is in accordance with those used for the pool and the house. On the other hand, one should avoid overdoing it by using only one material. A wooden house with all the wooden surroundings may be a bit too much!

Decorative elements of your poolscape

Some decorative elements such as riprap, lighting, a waterfall, etc. should also be part of the reflection. However, be careful not to overload the pool.

For instance, the access ladder: the entrance to the pool should be either by a staircase or a gentle slope that also serves as a submerged beach.

The slide: you have to choose between a landscaped pool and a playground.

Advantages and disadvantages of a landscaped pool

The main advantage of such a pond is that it forms a whole with the garden and the house:

– Successful integration suggests that the whole was designed at the same time.

– The added value given to the house by this type of pool is indisputable and definitely raises the market price of your property.

However, the price remains a major disadvantage when it comes to installing a landscaped pool. The budget to be planned is higher than that of a classic swimming pool.

Who should I talk to about building a landscaped pool?

This is not a pool that you simply install in your garden, it is part of a real project that must be designed by a professional.

Some architects, pool designers, as well as specialists in exterior landscaping are capable of such creations. Do not hesitate to search for them on the Internet and contact them. If you are looking for perfection, one good reference in Suffolk County is LIBARDI ISLAND LANDSCAPING CORP.

Hope you get your dream poolscape. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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