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– What is the zinc gutter
– Many qualities of zinc gutter
– Shapes and dimensions of zinc gutter
– Installation of a zinc gutter
– Zinc gutter price: cheaper than copper

Below is a list of the most common gutter on houses and they are available in many different materials:

– the PVC gutter: the most economical,
– the copper gutter: the highest quality, but the most expensive,
– the zinc gutter: the most common,
– the galvanized steel gutter: the strongest,
– the aluminum gutter: the lightest,
– the wooden gutter: the most rustic,
– the composite gutter: the rarest.

In this post, we will introduce you to the zinc gutter.

What is the zinc gutter

Zinc gutter is still the most common gutter despite the strong development in PVC.
It has a classic and discreet appearance and is often imposed for the respect of many classified sites.
Its appearance is metallic shiny when new, then it takes on a patina of a matt light gray tone.

Zinc gutter: many qualities

The zinc gutter has a life span of 30 to 40 years.
The many qualities of the zinc gutter make it popular:
– solidity and very good resistance to corrosion and strong climates,
– very good sealing,
– conformity to the NF EN 988 standard which guarantees, in particular, a purity before the addition of copper and possibly titanium.
Certain treatments increase gutter resistance:
– an anticorrosive protective layer increases its lifespan,
– the addition of titanium increases its resistance qualities.

Shapes and dimensions of the zinc gutter

The shape and dimensions of the zinc gutter depend on the layout of your roof.
The zinc gutter is available as a hanging gutter or as a creeping gutter.
Zinc gutters come in a variety of sizes:
– diameter: 80 or 125 mm,
– standard developed: DEV 160, 250 or 330,
– standard length: 2 or 4 meters.

Elements of the zinc gutter: elbow, collar, mouth etc…

All the following elements are available in zinc:
– gutter support, hook or headband bracket,
– Variable angle elbow (90°, 60°, 45°) in or out,
– junction,
– necklace,
– toad,
– right or left gutter bottom,
– downpipe diameter 60 or 80 mm.

Installation of a zinc gutter

The installation of a zinc gutter is rather complex and requires necessary know-how.

The zinc gutters fit together:
– male element in the female element,
– the overlap must be greater than 5 cm so that variations in the material with temperature, expansion or contraction, do not give rise to leaks.
There are then two possible procedures:
– the soldering of the elements with tin after pickling:
◦ the soldering must be regular and meticulous, it thus requires specific skills,
◦ this assembly process is recommended because it is more resistant over time;
– the installation of gaskets, which simply requires a little care.

Laying expansion joints

Beyond 12 meters of gutters, the expansion of zinc must be taken into account. There are two solutions to this:
– implementation of mechanical expansion cuts at the top of the slope for:
◦ interrupt the continuity of the gutter either by cutting the profiles or by having them overlap without welding,
◦ close both ducts with vertical walls,
– Laying between two expansion joint profiles with a neoprene part that absorbs the thermal variations of zinc.

Important: A slope of 5 mm must be maintained in order to evacuate rainwater as much as possible.

Price of the zinc gutter: cheaper than copper

Here are some indicative prices for a zinc gutter:
– the gutter in zinc, in DEV 400, length 2 meters: from $28, without fixing accessories,
– half-round zinc gutter, DEV 250, length 4 meters: from $25, without fixing accessories.

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