The Biggest Bathroom Tile Trends for 2022

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If bathroom tile trends for 2022 show us anything, it’s that simple white subway blocks aren’t going to cut it. Interior designers are switching it up this year, forsaking the bland and conventional bathroom tiles that pop with individuality, which have long been usual for modern restorations. 

 Bathroom tiles, more dynamic than a fresh coat of paint, can change the very surface of a room, generating depth and changing the way space feels. It’s why interior designers are gravitating toward tiles that defy convention, tiling more surfaces than before with rich textures, vibrant colors, unconventional patterns, and a little more fun.

Triangular Tiles 

Consider a traditional form whenever it comes to bathroom tile ideas. Is the picture in the shape of a white rectangle or a white square? Reconsider your position. Designers redefine the modern standard by experimenting with new forms and color palettes. Green is one of the hottest interior design trends right now, and it’s making its way into the bathroom. Green is now trendy in practically every part of the house, including kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, and it’s making its way into the bathroom as well. Don’t be shocked if you see more green bathrooms and powder rooms all over your feeds, especially ones with fun forms and patterns to break up the trend.

Grid-like Tiles 

Classic square tiles, of course, continue to remain popular—albeit with a modern twist. Retro-inspired 4×4 tiles in a grid pattern are popular right now because they seem nostalgic and timeless without being too conventional. To truly make the design pop out, use a high-contrast grout. Choosing a contrasting grout color brings the square tiles to life, emphasizing their graphic appeal in a way that evokes graph paper—its modern take on an old-school style that works especially well for tiny bathroom tile ideas.

Architecturally Textural Tiles 

Classic tiles—flat, right-angled, and glossy—are famous for various reasons, including their ease of installation, ease of cleaning, and compatibility with modern fixtures. However, in an increasingly drawn comfort world, they can feel sterile. Some designers opt for relaxing textures and surfaces, emphasizing three-dimensional surfaces with subtle bumps and grooves that provide relaxation, per the contemporary trend toward cocooning furniture. It also helps that textured tiles are up to the task. Because directional lighting (ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, etc.) is common in bathrooms, architectural materials with a rich texture typically show up very well under these lighting conditions.

Intense Single-Color Tiles

Designers aren’t hesitant to go all-in with monotone palettes, typically choosing vibrant tiles that span bathrooms from corner to corner – why then should bathroom floor tile ideas end there? After years of white tile blazing a trail in bathroom design, it’s refreshing to see such boldness.

Intentionally Uneven Grout 

Not all grout lines are created equal, and they shouldn’t be. Grout, long seen as the gritty, dirty component of every tile installation, can be a show-stopper. Without needing to use a pattern or busy tiles, you may create an attractive and dynamic pattern by experimenting with grout joints. Essentially, by being artistic with grout, you can employ traditional designs and timeless hues while having a dynamic graphic pattern.

Tiled Sinks And Baths

You may have seen tiled items, cubes, and much more having a moment due to manufacturers that just debuted a range of pink-tiled furniture if you’ve been paying attention to your Instagram feed. It’s an aesthetic that dates back to the 1960s and 1970s (thanks to Italy’s Superstudio for creating the tiled table), and it’s making a comeback in furniture. Designers use tiles to cover tubs, sinks, and chairs, proving that tiles aren’t only for walls, floors, or worktops.

Different trends are emerging in 2022; let us know in the comments if you are willing to grab those trends… 

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