How Much Does Roof Renovation Cost?

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To renovate a roof, you must take into account several parameters before committing yourself because it can be costly if you do not have enough time to consider the work to be undertaken.

The average cost of a roof renovation service is 5 500 dollars. The price can vary between 600 and 14,000 dollars, depending on the square meters and the type of roof. Other factors that affect the cost of the service include the time of year the work is performed, the prior inspection before starting the work, the material is chosen, and the type of renovation to be implemented, as it can vary from a simple restoration to moisture or a complete replacement of the roof.

The materials to renovate a roof


The material chosen to renovate a roof is one of the aspects that determine the final cost of the service. Asphalt shingles are less expensive, while copper, zinc, wood, terra cotta, and stone are more expensive. However, asphalt shingles are produced with petroleum, so the cost of the renovation may increase if there is an increase in the price of this raw material.

Terracotta is a recommended material for coastal areas because it is durable and will protect the building from the impact of salt, sand, and high winds.

The inspection stage

To determine what type of renovation will be needed, roofers perform an inspection of the work area. By inspecting the roof, you may discover rain damage, leaks, or problems with the drains, such as water accumulation in certain areas of the roof that is clogging the gutters. In addition to performing an inspection, it is advisable to perform maintenance once a year or after major storms.

By doing so, you can be sure you know the condition of the building’s roofs and avoid unpleasant and costly surprises. Inspections are not free, but the company providing the renovation service will include this cost in the project budget.

The time of year


The demand for roofing renovation services increases in the spring and summer, so costs tend to rise during these two seasons. In addition, you can also get the materials at a better price in the off-season. Ideally, roofing renovation should be done when the temperature outside is between 5 and 29 degrees, and there is no risk of thunderstorms.

Additional costs

The presence of chimneys, vents, and skylights will increase the cost of the roof renovation. Repairing a leaking chimney requires removing the surrounding tiles to access the underlying problem. By removing the tiles, structural issues may be discovered in the chimney brick itself, which would increase the cost of the work. Joints adjacent to vents can be damaged during a storm and can cause leaks. In this case, the shingles around the vent will need to be replaced.

Water tends to collect on the edges of skylights, a situation that wears out the seals. If the deterioration and erosion of the seals continue over time, repairs, once this problem is discovered, will be costly.

Practical Tips


When selecting a roofing company, it is essential to verify that they have the proper permits to perform the work, insurance against all risks, and references from previous clients. We really advise calling a professional to handle this because, in our books, it isn’t something that you can DIY yourself.

Always ask for written estimates to have a detailed document of the costs and to guarantee what is included and what is not in the contracted service. Dress for the job and wear all the required equipment to keep you safe while you are doing this.

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