Home Repairs Ministries: Repairing Home and Hearts as Churches Serve Together

Home Repairs Ministries: Repairing Home and Hearts as Churches Serve Together

Home Repairs

It all started in 2002 when a few members of a local church community realized that the people around them couldn’t either physically do or afford home repairs. I’m not talking about extravagant repairs, but rather about simple and basic ones like painting the exterior of the house, installing a light fixture or replacing a broken board. So, they formed a team and started helping all those who didn’t have the means to repair or maintain their house. As the team grew, so did their vision. And, by 2006, Home Repairs Ministries was officially born.

Home Repairs Ministries – Atlanta

Their mission is:

  • To help the needy and low-income groups of the society such as widows, single mothers, older adults and people with disabilities by providing them with critical home repairs that would meet their daily needs.
  • To make important home modifications so that the elderly can live in a safer environment.
  • To make homes more comfortable and accessible for people with physical disabilities.
  • To help and provide critical home modifications to loving families that have adopted children.
  • And, lastly, to work alongside non-profit organizations, local churches and support agencies and to spread the love of Jesus Christ to people in need.

Their vision is:

  • To repair even more homes and hearts in all the six countries they serve.
  • To forge new partnerships with churches, and non-profit organizations and engage the support of committed donors.
  • To recruit volunteers who will be ready to meet the need of people and share the love of Christ at the same time.
  • To increase their budget to $ 500, 000 per year over the next three years so as they are able to employ new and more business partners, project managers, volunteers and churches.
  • And, the greatest of all, to complete 1, 000 projects per year.

It’s a joy for me to say that today Home Repairs Ministries have completed over 200 projects and were able to create a safe and warm home for all those who were otherwise not able to on their very own. So, come let’s read some of these stories:

The Story of Audrey

The Story of AudreyAs a single, retired woman, Audrey was living a real nightmare when her hot water tank burst, ruining her carpet and beautiful laminate flooring. Finances were tight, no family on the horizon, Audrey couldn’t find anyone to help her, yet she didn’t want to move out of the house in which she’s been living for more than 25 years.

Things took a turn (for the better) when she approached Home Repairs Ministries.

Without wasting any time, the team came to help her. First, they cleaned up all the mess her water heater had made and then jumped on taking out the old, damaged floors and replacing them with a brand-new ones.

“I was really impressed with their expertise and work ethic. What they did is beyond helping. I now feel safer to move around the house and that’s all thanks to the Home Repairs team. They were awesome – two thumbs up. Thank you very much,” said Audrey

The Home of Don and Joy Norris Brought to Life

The Home of Don and Joy Norris Brought to LifeDon and Joy Norris are two missionaries who partnered with Peruvian churches and served in Peru for five years. Due to a health condition, the couple returned back to their home in Georgia. To their utter astonishment, their home was trashed. During a storm, the trees in their yard that were more than 100 years old dropped huge dead branches on their roof and there was no way these branches off by themselves. So, they contacted Home Repairs.

After approving their application, the team came, listened to the couple’s requests, removed the dead branches, fixed their roof and worked on their yard.

“They were so polite and so kind. You can trust them completely. Their word is their word, and they’ll do anything they can to help.”





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