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How to Choose a Garage Door?

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How to Choose a Garage Door?


The work on your house is finally underway, and one question remains unanswered: which garage door to choose? Don’t panic: let our advice help you! There is a wide variety of opening styles and materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. Whether you want to store your belongings or protect your car, you should not choose lightly.

The essentials

The “ideal” garage door is the one that meets your needs in terms of comfort of use, aesthetics, insulation, security, and budget.

You can choose between several types of opening (roller, sectional, up-and-over door, etc.) and different materials (PVC, wood, aluminium or steel).

It is essential to ask for several quotes to compare, especially if a professional is required.

What criteria should I take into account when choosing a garage door?

The interior and exterior dimensions

The configuration of your garage and your exterior are the first elements to check because they will determine the type of door opening. Some doors can block a wall, the ceiling, or overflow on the outside. It is better to plan for a:

  • folding or sliding side opening if the roof is low;
  • high system for a narrow garage;
  • minimum overhang if the garage faces the public highway;

A minimum overhang if the garage faces a public road; An opening to the outside to preserve all the space in the room.

The aesthetic aspect

Garage Door

You want a pretty door that matches your house, and that’s normal! This will guide the choice of material and type of opening. Style is essential: available colours, quality of finishes, types of panels, accessories, etc.

You should also consult your municipality’s Local Urban Plan, as you will not necessarily be able to do what you want. Since a garage door changes the appearance of a façade, you may demand specific requirements in terms of colours and materials, such as for windows or shutters.

Good To Know

The material of your future garage door will also influence other criteria, such as insulation and strength.


We all agree that a garage door must also keep the cold and damp. The insulation of your garage is an essential point to limit heat loss, especially with direct access to the house.

Often related, the sound aspect is less critical here… unless you live in a busy street or use the garage to rehearse with your rock band.


Depending on where you live and the value of the contents of your garage, the door should be more or less resistant to break-in attempts. But that’s not all! It is also a question of your safety or your children’s when the door is operated. The presence of fall protection and obstacle detection system are among the points that you should not overlook.


Automatic doors are fantastic! Nowadays, many door models are already motorised, but you may decide to install a motor later for your convenience. In this case, you will have to choose motorisation that matches the opening system:

  • Remote for a sectional or up-and-over door;
  • Integrated for a roller door;
  • With articulated arms for a swing door.

Good to know: Garage door motors can be expensive when purchased alone. It is best to ask for several quotes to get an idea!

The price

Your budget is another factor to consider when looking at existing garage doors. You can find them at any price, from $150 to $3,500, without installation…

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In our next posts, we will talk about:

– Which opening for your garage door?

– Choosing the suitable material for your garage door

– Who to call for your garage door installation?

Hope you liked the above post. Stay informed!

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