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Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

Do you want to call on a professional painter to do your work?

If you have chosen a professional, you can check a few points to ensure that your work is carried out in the best possible conditions and find out about pricing methods.

The different trades and their functions

Painting professionals

Who are they?

Their function


Building painter

– He is the last person on a building site.

– He finishes walls and ceilings.

– He has a thorough knowledge of the supports, the preparation and the finishes that correspond to him.

– He can advise on decoration and choice of finish.

– He/she knows how to apply the chosen finishes according to the rules of the trade.

Interior decorator

– Specialised in interior design.

– He designs your interior design project in accordance with your expectations.

– There are decorative painters.

– He works with you to find your decorating solutions.

– He searches for and coordinates the various trades for you to carry out your project.

– He is perfectly aware of the latest trends and materials.

Interior designer

– Very complete, he is specialised in both technical and aesthetic aspects of interior design.

– He shapes your space and knows how to transform it to your image.

– He takes care of everything and offers you a complete solution in terms of transformation, layout and decoration.

– It brings together qualified professionals to carry out your project.

Deco coach

– Advises you in terms of decoration and helps you find the professional(s) to carry out your project.

– Mainly personalised advice on decoration in accordance with your personality, your desires and your tastes.

Painting professionals: points to check

Once you have chosen and established a list of professionals, after the first contact and if you are satisfied with the reception, have at least three detailed estimates drawn up.

This will give you a complete picture of the services and prices.

Points to check when choosing your painting professional

Points to check

Why do you need to check?

– Word of mouth

– Ask around, family, friends, shops… See the result.

– Age and references

– Check how long the company has been in business and ask for references of work carried out.

– Prices offered are unbeatable.

– Beware! Look for the best value for money, not the lowest price.

– Membership of a professional organisation.

– This is a plus and shows that the company is committed, but it is not compulsory.

Non-mandatory certifications::

– Quality Assurance Commitment.

– Development Quality Assurance.

– Quality assurance after audit.

– Guarantees that quality is maintained at the company level in accordance with the objectives set.

– Reassures the client of the quality of the services provided.

– You can ask to have this certification published in a “quality manual” which summarises the company’s entire quality policy.

– Establishing an inventory of fixtures with the professional painter before making the estimate.

– This allows you to assess the state of the work to be done and thus avoid any surprises later on.

Good to know: professionals rarely use spray guns. Contrary to common belief, no time is saved because the preparation must be even more rigorous; paint consumption is high.

The estimate for painting work

professional painter

The free estimate is a “commercial” gesture. It commits the company to carry out the work per the trade rules at the agreed rate, and it commits you to pay for the work. Once signed, the estimate becomes contractual.

Take the time to read and check that everything on the estimate corresponds precisely to what you saw with the company:

 – It is always possible to change it before signing.

 – Do not sign an estimate without checking it thoroughly.

Good to know: most manufacturers offer a guarantee if the product is correctly installed.

During the work

 – Be present regularly, especially at the end of each working day.

 – Check that the preparation of the base is carried out as indicated on the estimate: products used, number of coats, etc.

 – Check that the finish conforms to the number of coats, products used, and drying time … Do not hesitate to look at the instructions for the use of the products.

 – Ask any questions you think might be helpful to understand the progress of the work.

Acceptance of the work

An expert can assist you. If you think this would be useful, especially if the cost of your work is high, don’t hesitate!

 – You are the one who accepts the work, not the company.

 – Check all the work and compare it with the estimate. The aesthetic aspect should, of course, be taken into account. If it does not meet your requirements, express your reservations.

 – You must indicate all reservations, and the company cannot refuse them!

 – You never have to pay for all the work before acceptance.

If you want to call in a professional, LK Painting Service is one good reference in Eaglemont. They will be able to give you a free, no-obligation quote. Remember to share your experience in the comments below!

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