Roof Defoaming: What’s the Point?


The variety of climatic conditions that homes face leads to the appearance of both moss and stains on the roof. However, to keep a clean and healthy roof, defoaming is one of the essential operations. But many people are unaware of the importance of this operation. So what is the purpose of removing moss from the roof?

Cleaning and Removing Unwanted Species

For renovation work, including removing moss from the roof, it is advisable to call upon a professional in renovation work, cleaning, etc.Nevertheless, the works of de-mossage can be carried out by oneself while respecting the essential safety measures.

Indeed, the removal of moss, which includes cleaning, consists of using a hard brush to remove moss and lichen encrusted on the roof easily. This is followed by rinsing the roof from the top without clogging the gutter with moss residue. The use of water for the rinsing and the deposit of defoaming products against algae, moss, and lichens amplifies the final result.

In addition, it is possible to use a high-pressure cleaner to remove moss from the roof. This technique allows you to obtain a clean roof in one spray. However, this technique is unsuitable for all roofs, as it can weaken them or make some materials porous.

Treat the Roof Surface and Make It Aesthetic

While removing moss from the roof, the products used to protect the roof from possible colonization, particularly anti-moss products and water repellent solutions, offer an adequate treatment to the roof. These products are applied by spraying the entire surface of the roof, whether made of natural slate or tile.

It is therefore advisable after application to rinse well especially at the level of the joints if it is about tiles to avoid that the product attaches these last ones. It should also be noted that the product must be applied from top to bottom, i.e. from the ridge to the gutter, so that its effectiveness is observable. In addition, it should be admitted that these products act in-depth to eliminate bacteria, mushrooms, and other undesirable elements.

Their long-lasting action will protect the roof from pollution and prevent new formations not only of mold but especially of moss. In addition to these products, applying a waterproofing treatment reinforces the coverage against the construction of new fungi and lichens.

Extend the Life of the Roof

As a sensitive part of the house, the maintenance of the roof is essential to ensure its longer life. Just like green roofing, de-mossing the roof protects the home from certain climatic hazards. Indeed, removing moss from the roof, an operation that eliminates these undesirable elements, especially fungus and moss, gives the roof impeccable cleanliness.

It increases the value of the roof by ridding it of mold and dirt accumulated over time. Using various products in the defoaming process also keeps the roof longer from possible future contamination.

Once the roof is kept clean, it helps to prolong its life. It is then spared from any problems causing water leakage during rainfall. Finally, the clean roof becomes more solid; it has better resistance to external aggressions and the wear of time. It becomes more waterproof and protects against infiltrations.

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