Top 5 Tips For Painting Your Home

Home Painting

Painting the walls of your home and redoing your interior paint is not as easy a task as you might think. Also, to call upon a professional is very often a pledge of quality and durability for its interior wall painting. Indeed, beyond the painting, the painter will make your walls smooth and clean for an optimal and durable result.

He will know which products to use and which paint to choose according to the type of room and support. Whether it is for a simple renovation of your room, your kitchen, or for a sale of your property, clean and neat walls are a real added value and give the impression of a well-maintained house.

I was often blown away by the cost of painting, and I quickly realized that small decisions made a huge difference in the budget. I’m sharing with you what I wish someone had explained to me before I embarked on my first paint job. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about painting your home.

1. Choose your color


There are thousands of different color shades. If your living room is rather dark, use light colors like white or cream to brighten the room. If your room is large, divide the space into zones by painting the inside of a shelf or applying a lighter shade to the frames.

If you want to brighten up the space, play with lines, tiles, or areas of color! Still in doubt? Light can have a big influence on color. Buy a tester, apply the color to the wall to be painted and look at the different colors depending on the time of day.

2. Choose your paint

There are also a hundred different choices for your paint. First, you have to choose according to the type of room you want to paint: for a bathroom, you’d rather take paint with reinforced waterproofing and perfectly washable, and for the living room, you’d rather take an extra matte paint with a low odor!

Then, you have to choose the aspect: a matte paint will hide the irregularities and will create a warm and peaceful atmosphere, a satin paint will be rather easy to clean and will bring a little shine to your wall, and a glossy paint will be essentially used to obtain a daring result and play of light! And finally, if you prefer an Ecolabel certified paint or not? For a few years, paint brands have been offering products that have received the European Ecolabel, preferable for the environment.

3. Protect Your Room


Do you want to paint a wall in your house quickly? Yes, but not so fast! Preparation may take a little time, but it is essential.

  • Start by removing all frames, pictures, and other decorative objects.
  • Move all furniture to the center of the room so you can move around easily.
  • To avoid paint stains on your brand new sofa, cover the furniture with clear plastic.
  • To protect your floor, use a large plastic tarp, which is more effective against spills.
  • And finally, use tape to protect door handles.

A little advice: remove the masking tape when the paint is still wet, or you risk damaging it!

4. Maintain your brushes

Are you painting and want to keep your brushes soft for the next day? In this case, there is no need to wash them. Simply wrap the heads of brushes and rollers in cling film or an airtight plastic bag. Seal the bag at the handle with tape and store them for up to 2 days. On the other hand, are you done painting? Scrape your brushes as much as possible. If you use water-based paint, simply soak your brush in hot water for 2 hours and dry it with a clean cloth.

5. What Room To Start With?


When starting to paint a room like the living room, always start with the ceiling, continue with the walls and finish with the lacquering of doors and windows. Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to air the room after painting: the paint may dry too quickly, and the roller marks may remain visible.

Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about painting your home.

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