Top 3 Steps To Maintain Your Shower Door

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We’ve done the mirror, the sinks, and the faucets vacuumed the floor and washed the tiles… What about the shower door? Present in most bathrooms, it needs the care to keep limescale at bay. That’s why it’s important to have a proper cleaning routine that will make your shower door shine like new!

Let’s be honest for one minute, most of us hate cleaning, but we have to do it to keep our home clean, and this goes for our shower doors too. Far too often, they are forgotten and are an afterthought, but they need as much care as any other part of your bathroom. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for cleaning your shower door.

Why maintain a shower door?


From shower stall doors to Italian shower doors, not all qualities are the same. If some high-end materials are designed to resist more or less everything with a minimum of maintenance, others literally change color without regular care… and as always in the bathroom, the worst enemy of the shower door is none other than limestone!

At best, it leaves a few white marks on the shower door glass after several uses without wiping. At worst, it quickly deposits itself on the glass and metal parts until it becomes embedded and damages the material. In both cases, the result is downright unsightly, and the longer you wait, the more effort it will take to recover the door. The moral of the story? Maintaining a shower stall regularly saves you long cleaning sessions afterward!

1. Daily maintenance

Wait before you panic; it’s not about scrubbing the shower door every day. The principle is simple, adopting the right gestures at each shower allows you to avoid spending all day there once a month… and the whole thing only requires thirty seconds to watch in hand at the end of each shower.

Since we haven’t found a more efficient tool than the squeegee when it comes to maintaining a shower door or even just a shower screen! We hang it up within reach, and once the taps are closed, we get rid of the droplets on the glass in a flash. That’s all, but it changes everything.

2. Episodic maintenance


Because limescale is usually stronger than we are, it always ends up getting in the way. Even with an impeccable routine, since the squeegee doesn’t remove limescale from the shower door handles, for example… Especially since fingerprints also end up on the other side. The solution? A thorough cleaning, weekly or monthly, depending on the intensity of use of the shower and the hardness of the water.

To clean the shower door without polluting the pipes, we let you guess… white vinegar won. Fearsomely effective against limescale, this magic cleaning product is even more effective hot, so do not hesitate to heat it for a shower door encrusted. Then simply spray it on the glass and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Are there any marks left? Use a lemon cut in half and rub the pulp on the limescale stains before applying white vinegar.

3. Preventive maintenance

Some high-end glass is treated beforehand to prevent limescale or soap scum from soiling the shower door. For those that are not, there are anti-scale products to be sprayed once a month on the shower door, on average. They help to limit deposits and space out cleaning. Another idea? The steam from the heat of the shower also aggravates the phenomenon and makes the shower door dirty. Simply clean the door with a cloth impregnated with rubbing alcohol or glycerine to prevent it from forming! Remember this tip; it also works on the bathroom mirror.

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