What is Roof Maintenance?

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A house’s beauty is reflected in its roof’s appearance and cleanliness. But it often happens that the roof is deprived of its cleanliness and solidity because of climatic hazards or other phenomena. Therefore, it is of great importance to take care of it. Find out in this post how to maintain the roof of a house.

Importance of Roof Maintenance

Maintenance consists of keeping something in good condition. Therefore, roof maintenance is the control and maintenance of its components. This mission is accomplished through regular visits provided by a professional company. This not only strengthens the strength of the roof, but also allows it to fully perform its main function, which is waterproofing.

Otherwise, proper roof cleaning is closely linked to its long-term resistance. Indeed, cleaning a roof plays a significant role in its resistance to water infiltration and other wear and tear damage. It also considerably extends the life of the roof.

It is often noticed that slate or tile roofs are covered with dust, moss, leaves, etc., over time. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for a certain amount of maintenance to have a durable roof.

Roof Maintenance Through Renovation

Among the maintenance work of a roof, first is the renovation of the roof. Moreover, it should be noted that refurbishing a slate roof is a task that is accomplished carefully in several stages. The first step is to prepare the site.

Indeed, slates are available in different qualities and shades depending on the region of origin. Therefore, it is essential to favor class A products to ensure good durability and reduce waste. Also, it is necessary to comply with the roofing regulations set by the local council.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the determination of the overlap according to the geographical position and the slope. A table of overlap is also vital to contain data such as slate dimensions, hooks, eaves, etc.

The second step is tracing the marks on the frame for more precision. The third step is the installation of the slate on the roof. Indeed, this step is marked by installing the first row of slates with great precision. Finally, lay the second and subsequent rows. After that, continuous maintenance is necessary.

Cleaning and Removal of Moss From the Roof

Beyond the renovation of the roof, continuous maintenance is necessary to keep the roof in good condition and to ensure a long life. This can only be guaranteed by regular cleaning and removal of moss. But it is more advisable to do this kind of work in spring, after the passage of winter. This way, the condition of the roof can be properly assessed, and any damage that may be caused by the weather can be identified.

In addition, two main methods promote the cleaning and removal of moss from a roof. On the one hand, the manual method allows for the manual removal of vegetation that has become trapped on the roof with the help of a brush. On the other hand, the karcher or water jet method is the most effective, eliminating all traces of waste using a high-pressure cleaner.

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