Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Lighting Your Room (Part 1)

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Is your bedroom well-lit? A cocoon room par excellence, the bedroom is a space of absolute comfort and relaxation that requires a soft and muffled atmosphere. Lighting is crucial to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere conducive to sleep. Still, it must also be thought out according to the different daily activities to generate an adapted luminosity. It is often mistakenly thought that two bedside lamps are enough to illuminate this room, whereas the bedroom lighting must be multiple.

On the one hand, subdued light is necessary to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere; on the other hand, more powerful homogeneous lighting, without being aggressive, will be essential to carry out certain specific tasks, especially if you have a desk corner in the room. This is why we recommend a good mix of three types of lighting: general lighting, comfort lighting, and spotlighting. Here are the 4 most common mistakes and their solutions!

1. Under-Light


In the bedroom, you read, dress, chat, and do more than just sleep or rest, and the lighting is important according to the actions. Yes, the lighting in the bedroom must be pleasant and harmonious. Comfort and calmness require a subdued light. But this does not mean lighting the whole room with two small lamps. Think of adding general lighting or other light sources to obtain sufficient brightness.

The idea is to have several light points in the room to structure the space. Hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and lamps on the bedside table distribute the light points and play on the intensity. If there is only one light fixture in the room, the eye focuses on it, whereas with more diffuse light, it will focus endlessly on all its landmarks, bringing better visual comfort.

If you are used to using your tablet or smartphone in the room, it is better to have another light point. A wall lamp, for example, or a reading lamp that will diffuse a nice brightness without direct lighting is to be avoided in the room.

2. A Dazzling Lighting

Beware of ceiling spotlights! Reserve them for the inside of the closet or dressing room. This is one of the only places in the bedroom where you need functional lighting. It’s best to use this type of lighting as indirect lightings, such as on the floor or down a partition. Generally speaking, if you have a ceiling outlet, opt for fixtures with a hidden bulb to avoid glare when you are lying down.

3. Overlight


The lighting atmosphere of a bedroom should remain soft without being too subdued. Absolutely avoid aggressive lighting! Prefer decorative hanging lamps with soft, diffused lighting placed in the center of the room with a light source powerful enough to bathe the entire room in light. Connected to a switch with a dimmer, you can adjust the intensity according to the time of day and your activities in the room. They are perfect for regular use where you prefer to have the light you need. Another solution: light the room with a surface-mounted ceiling light or an XXL chandelier to create a harmonious ambient light.

4. Bedside Lamps Too Low

The bedside lamp is the starlight of the bedroom! Night lighting is the most flexible part of the equation in a bedroom. It’s fun to choose and easy to change. But watch out for the height of the bedside lamps! It absolutely must match the height of the bed and bedside table. If your bedside lamp is used as a reading lamp, the shade should be at your eye level, between 95 and 105 cm from the floor.

Usually, bedside lamps are placed on either side of the bed, on the bedside tables that frame it. But you can prefer wall sconces or adjustable desk lamps. You can also play with style and decoration to avoid the great classics and bring a touch of pep to this living room.

An XXL lampshade, a lamp base that plays the role of a pocket, a Scandinavian and graphic shape, a connected lamp, rails of spotlights placed vertically on each side of the bed, a set of articulated wall lamps… There are many ingenious tricks to light up your bedroom with stylish and innovative solutions. This comfort lighting comes to second the general lighting.

It allows you to read in your bed without disturbing your neighbor. Bedside lamps, reading lights, or sconces integrated into the headboard emit a more concentrated light that facilitates reading. These types of lights offer better seating and visual comfort. They also set the tone in the morning when you wake up. Nothing is worse than lighting up a room when you are awake! The transition should be made smoothly with a bedside lamp or, why not, a string of lights before lighting the rest of the room.

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