10 Tips for Restoring Old Furniture

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Do you have a wooden desk that you’re no longer using? Restoring your old furniture is becoming a new trend and it helps you save money from buying new furniture. Neglected wooden furniture can build up dirt and grime and lose its natural color and luster. From an old dresser to a chair, let’s see how we can restore our old furniture to their previous glory.

1. Make Time

Restoration can be a quite long process and requires a lot of time and attention. So before you decide to take on the restoration of your old furniture, be sure that you have enough time to do so.

2. Research and Inspect

You might gain from researching a bit about the furniture that you have. You may take pictures and send to a professional who will evaluate the price of your furniture.

3. Establish a Budget

Once you’ve determined the cost of your furniture, establish a budget for the restoration. Restoring an old furniture may sound cool but it does cost a lot.

4. Know What it Should Look Like

You’ve pulled the old wooden table off the curb only to realize you don’t know how it should look! Make a plan in your head on how you want the furniture to look or how it looked previously. This will help map the way during your restoration process.

5. Safety First

Before embarking on a furniture restoration project, prioritize a safety-first approach. Wear long-sleeved clothing to protect your skin against harmful chemicals found in wood strippers and varnish. Put on safety goggles to shield your eyes. You may even wear a mask that will help protect your face.

6. Clean it All

Before whipping out your sandpaper and paintbrush, give the furniture a thorough cleaning. Give your furniture a good scrub with a sponge and some soap and warm water.

7. Repair

Make sure to repair any broken parts on the furniture before actually restoring the piece. Replace screws, fill in small cracks and remove any stains.

8. Paint

You may add some paint to the furniture and give it some colors. This will help remove any stains as well and keep your furniture looking fresh.

9. How-To Guide

If you’ve never done furniture restoration before, you might want to have a how-to guide by your side. This will help you obtain answers to questions that you have and guide you along the process.

10. Tools

Finally, you’ll need the perfect tools for furniture restoration. Get a couple of putty knives, screwdrivers, hammer and so on.

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