How to Properly Organize Your House for the Holidays?

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Holidays are synonymous to having a house full of guests for some days. So to prevent any problem of space happening, here are some points that will help you organize your house in the best way possible.

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• Plan ahead
Maybe it’s been years that your guests have been coming, so plan ahead their arrival and set the date when the works in and around the house should start and end. Make sure that you have some days to rest as well so that you don’t look overworked when welcoming your guests.

• Consider postponing big projects
There are times when some guests are visiting after a long time, so to consider postponing some big projects for their sake is totally doable. You can always renovate the kitchen or change the furniture setup after they’ve gone.

• Take an inventory
After planning and postponing, you do an inventory of the things that you might need when the guests are here. Check the lights and decorations before putting up anything that will cause displease. Get rid of anything that’s crumpled or soiled or just unusable! You can have an inventory at the end of the holidays to be sure that everything is still worth keeping.

• Involve others
It is not wrong asking for help! Delegating tasks to family members not only decreases the workload but also creates a sense of responsibility among the kids. It also increases the family bond.

• Sort through the toys
Get rid of unwanted or obsolete toys! Try making room for more toys and donate the ones that your kids don’t use now.

• Consider de-cluttering
Clear the guest rooms of things that have been stocked up there! Change the décor if you want more space in the rooms.

• Don’t forget your daily chores
Don’t get lost in the organizing thing that you forget or completely ignore the daily chores. You can consider cooking easy-to-fix dinners or hire a concierge service.

• Hire a housekeeper
If you have too much on your plate, then you can hire a housekeeper to help you out! You can divide the work by keeping the daily chores for yourself and the organizing work to the housekeeper.

• Take photos of your decoration setups
Keep your photos as a future reference! You don’t want to go again with the same decorations as last year.

• What about an “un-decorating party”
Invite close friends and relatives to your place to help out with taking down holiday decorations and reorganizing your house in the old way. In the end, enjoy with some cold beers and food!

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