Basic Tools every Handyman Needs (Part 1)

Home Repairs

A well-equipped toolbox and workshop is something every handyman needs. For any DIY projects and small repairs, you need to have a set of good quality tools that’ll help you achieve your goal. Whether it is repairing your oven or preparing your home for the holidays, these tools will be of great help.

Screwdriver Set

A set of slot head screwdrivers is a good start for any beginner. Look for magnetic tips so you don’t lose screws in tight spaces and comfortable grips.


A hammer is useful to drive nails into walls and pull them out. It is especially helpful if you want to hang a picture.


A wrench will help you to tighten bolts and plumbing fixtures.

Tape Measure

You can’t undertake a project without a good tape measure. Make sure to have the exact measurements for perfect completion of your projects.


Make sure to have two pairs of pliers. A pair of needle nose pliers to bend, re-position and snip wires and a pair of adjustable pliers that can lock in place and be used as a clamp.


A saw is essential to cut through wood, metal, plastic and even ceramic.

These are but a few of the of the tools that every handyman should have.

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