How to Choose Your Furniture for a Cooking Hob

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  1. Hob furniture: which type to choose?
  2. Dimensions of a hob furniture
  3. Hob furniture: where to find it?
  4. Price of a piece of hob furniture

The hob unit is an indispensable element in the kitchen. In order to make an informed choice, you might as well know what types of furniture are offered by kitchen design specialists. What are the standard dimensions and the possibilities of opting for a custom-made hob unit? Finally, let’s take a look at where you can find this specific kitchen furniture and at what price.

1. Hob furniture: which type to choose?

If you want to enjoy a practical kitchen and at the same time take care of its decoration, you might as well choose a hob unit that is in harmony with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Today’s consumer has the possibility to find furniture: harmonized, aesthetic, practical and easy to maintain.

Hob furniture is no exception to the rule. As its name suggests, this base unit is designed to accommodate a hob, whether electric, gas, vitroceramic, induction or mixed.

The hob unit is a cabinet designed to:

accommodate a hob on its upper part;

store kitchen equipment in its lower part fitted out as for any other piece of storage furniture.

Please note: some hob cabinets are designed to also accommodate an oven. It therefore includes a niche for an oven with standard dimensions. Regardless of their function, the standard models fit perfectly into already fitted kitchens.

The hob furniture is available in various materials such as metal, solid wood, veneer, wood fibre or laminate.

It is available in a wide range of finishes, such as: raw, stained, painted, lacquered, tiled, etc.

Everyone can therefore find the hob unit to perfectly match the kitchen’s wall and base units. Depending on his or her preferences, the consumer can choose between:

the hob unit without door, 1 or 2 doors;

a model with drawers or doors and drawers.

Except in the case of custom-made products, a standard hob unit is usually a take-away unit sold in kit form. The consumer must therefore assemble it himself.

Good to know: to facilitate the comparison between the different hob furniture offered by suppliers, it is possible to request catalogues of the current collections or to visit the many dedicated websites.

2. Dimensions of a hob cabinet

In order to avoid errors of taste, you might as well opt for a piece of furniture whose dimensions are perfectly adapted to the space allocated to it. As a rule, hob furniture is available in standardised dimensions such as :

overall dimensions: height 90 cm, width 76 cm, depth 65 cm;

dimensions of the hob cut-out: depth: 59 cm, width 56 cm;

dimensions of the oven niche: depth 60 cm, width 66 cm, height 62 cm.

Of course, the dimensions vary according to the particular features of the hob furniture.

Good to know: before buying your hob furniture, it is imperative to take the dimensions of the hob you intend to install and possibly the oven. This is also necessary if the hob unit is to be installed between other kitchen furniture. Accuracy is therefore essential.

While most kitchen furniture suppliers offer furniture models with standard dimensions, it is possible to opt for custom-made models. Although more expensive than standard furniture, custom-made furniture meets the most specific expectations of each individual, at all levels. You can therefore choose:

exterior and interior materials;

the number of doors and drawers;

the style of the handles;

the color;

the height: a very important point to adapt the hob furniture to the size of the user; spending time in a kitchen with the right dimensions prevents back pain.

Good to know: custom-made hob furniture is delivered assembled. A major advantage!

3. Cooker hob furniture: where to find it?

The standard models of hob furniture are offered by:

the major brands specialising in kitchen furniture;

e-commerce sites and online discounters;

household appliance specialists, who increasingly offer this type of support furniture;

kitchen designers.

Good to know: it is advisable to compare the prices of hob furniture by consulting several stores and dedicated sites before buying.

4. Price of a piece of hob furniture

The hob unit is a reasonably priced piece of kitchen furniture, especially if you opt for a standard model. Here are some examples of prices:

low-door hob box : from $50 to $80 ;

2-door hob box : from $70 to $110;

hob cabinet 1 door + 1 drawer : from $80 to $140;

cabinet for hob and oven also called cabinet under plate/oven : between $120 and $200;

2-door hob cabinet + 2 drawers : between $160 and $250;

solid wood hob cabinet with various models : from $300.

Good to know: the exact price of a custom-made hob unit can only be obtained by estimate, according to your preferences.

Hope the above helps you in choosing hob furniture. Remember to leave your comments below!

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