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Commercial cleaning is an industrial cleaning service, such as office cleaning, hotel cleaning or building cleaning.

Given the increased use of commercial sites, maintenance is all the more important and must be all the more regular.

Commercial cleaning: what are the needs?

In terms of hygiene, all businesses have similar basic needs:

Floor maintenance: vacuuming, wet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, etc.

Furniture maintenance: dusting, polishing, wiping of sales areas, etc.

Façade cleaning: this is the first image of the business for customers, façades are subject to natural wear and tear (due to bad weather and the passage of time) and damage (disasters, fires, graffiti).

Window cleaning: in shops with bay windows, it is necessary to carry out this task several times a week.

Disinfection: shops are places of passage and therefore places where viruses and bacteria are transmitted: it is essential to disinfect door handles and other contact areas such as counters or card payment terminals.

However, their specific characteristics mean that different businesses have specific needs depending on the type of product:

their location: pedestrian walkway or proximity to a road, seaside, town or country..,

their size and traffic: larger surfaces to maintain in a supermarket than in a mini-market, more potential tasks at an ice-cream parlour than in a ready-to-wear shop..,

the nature of their work and their legal constraints (for instance, HACCP standards for the food industry): a hairdresser doesn’t have the same hygiene concerns as a catering business.

Being aware of all these specificities allows to define cleaning specifications in order to choose the solution adapted to his needs.

Commercial cleaning: equipment, companies and cost

2 solutions are available to you:

1. Do-it-yourself: in small shops, managers rarely have the means to have the daily upkeep of their business carried out by an outside company.

It is therefore necessary to plan the maintenance time and invest in equipment (cleaning trolley).

However, it is always possible to talk to your neighbours to study the possibility of making the passage of maintenance agents in the same sector profitable.

2. Cleaning companies: if you are looking for the assurance of a quality service, you can choose Clean and Green throughout Blackburn, Box Hill, Nunawading, Mitcham, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Surrey Hills, Burwood and Balwyn. They are equipped with specific equipment, having competent staff, knowing the standards and procedures of hygiene in the company specific to each sector.

Hope this post helps you out in your search for professional cleaning services. Remember to share your experience with our readers in the comment section below.

Naturally, you must take the time to ask for several quotes and compare the references of each company to find the offer that best suits your needs.

Hope the post helps you out with your cleaning needs.

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