6 Professional Tips to Carry out Your Painting Work

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Choice of equipment, techniques and tips: after reading this post, the application of paint will no longer hold any secrets for you. But still, if you want an impeccable result, we advise you to call on a professional, who will advise you and prepare your walls properly.

1. How to organize your painting work

Careful organization is essential. It all starts with the purchase of the necessary material: masking tape, protective tarpaulin, etc. Also be careful to choose the right moment to paint, with an ambient temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. Preparing the surface to be painted

The quality and durability of your paint will depend on the preparation of the surface:

1.            Dust and clean the surface.

2.            Repair the surface: fill all holes and cracks.

3.            Remove any roughness from the wall, sand it carefully.

4.            If necessary, then treat the surface or apply a smoothing coat.

5.            Finally apply an undercoat.

3. Applying the paint well

If the application itself is not particularly complex, a good technique is necessary to paint without streaks. If you are painting the entire room, start with the ceiling and finish with the walls, then the baseboards. Corners and edges should always be cleared first, using a small-diameter brush or a paintbrush.

4. Painting a wall well

A wall is always painted starting from top to bottom and from right to left if you are right-handed, from left to right if you are left-handed.

5. Painting a ceiling well

A ceiling is painted starting from the window side, in the direction of the light and lengthwise so that the roll marks are less visible.

6. Creating decorative effects

Painting can be used to create many decorative effects. Strips, patterns, friezes, sponge or wipe painting…

Entrust your painting work to a professional

Painting a wall and a ceiling is within everyone’s reach. But for a really perfect result, with a smooth and long-lasting rendering, we advise you to turn to a professional. A skilled painter will bring you his expertise both on the choice of paint and on the preparation of the support and of course an application of paint with zero defects.

Hope the above tips help you out with your painting project. Remember to leave your comments in the section below and share your experience with our readers.

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